Help with RPAT

Has anyone here ever taken the RPAT test for the RCMP. I know Kyle did I’m just curious if anyone knows any hints or other tests I can study?

I’m trying to prepare very hard for it just wondering if anyone knows anything?


This is a good start to your police career:

Maybe you could just recite some wiggum quotes at the interview.

ahaha no i don’t think that will do me any good. The avatar is just a joke :wink: my dad’s a cop so I find it funny.

I did an online RCMP aptitude test about 4 years ago… it was right on the main RCMP recruiting website. It took about 2 hours to do, and is supposed to be the same kind of questions you do on the RPAT.

yea I don’t think it’s there any more.

ok tom…as far as any aptitude test, in any police force, the test format is the same. What your going to have to brush up on, is your english and math skills if they aren’t beyond grade 12 aptitude right now. Another factor that plays a key role is time. Most of the problem solving and the What’s wrong with this picture questions, are mostly tricks to pick the quickest answer, knowing that answer is wrong. So take your time. Other than that, if your a smart kid your going to have no problems with that test. goodluck tom, any questions about the process, msn me, or leave a post and i will try to answer it as best as i can.

thanks dude, I’m going to college right now and doing really well so that should help me out. I did math 11 last year, and I’m just studying the practice test, I write the test thursday so I’m just going to cram it, thanks.

You don’t need to know much math for the RCMP at all. The only math prerequisite is Math 11… and as long as you pass it, you’re ok. There is hardly any math on the actual test though, and it’s not hard at all, it’s basic stuff.

edit: You don’t need to know much math for the tests, but you will for basic duty and beyond.

IS that why they have to go back to the car and check if you’re 280 lbs and tell them you had 2 drinks?

The RPAT wasn’t too bad. Most of the words they ask you to define I had never seen in my life, but I guess I did alright at picking one.

The memory was hard too, practice that with a friend or something.

Math was mostly percentages and division, English was stuff you’d do on the English provincial, what’s wrong with the sentence, that kind of thing.

Once you pass the RPAT, the waiting for things sucks, and the interviews were brutal. If took me about a year and a half to get through everything, and they’ve delayed my troop date three times. Right now I’m scheduled to go on October 24th, hopefully I’ll go this time.

Ricardo, did you decide RCMP or city?

wow, i thought you were already in depot. Yea I’ve heard waiting is the hardest part. I’m hoping the interviews will actually be my strong point as my Dad can help me a lot. However this RPAT is sketching me out I’m sure it won’t be as hard as I’m making it out to be.

Edit : Kyle did you know now that they have an SFPQ did you have on your test too? It makes up for like 40% of the exam :S

Kyle…yeah i chose city of vancouver, my induction date has been pushed to early may though cause of my age. Sucks. Damn being 21. But yeah man congrats with the RCMP, hope you make E division and worlk at the Coquitlam or Burnaby detachments. that would be rad man…anyways goodluck maybe we will see eachother down the road.

Tom, I think when I wrote the test they were just trying that out. I guess now it counts.

Ricardo, congratulations to you too, I was talking to the guy who did my background investigation and he was saying that I’ll probably be posted in the Lower Mainland because it’s where they need the most guys. And apparently they listen to you more about where you want to go if you do well on the Midterms, I’ll have to do good.

took the RPAT tonight, I must say it was hard. That is all I can say. But it was hard.

dude you’re not even allowed to say taht much

Now in about two years you’ll get your results.

im cut :frowning: he said 5 to 6 weeks actually Kyle, but I’m not sure if that’s a lie :S

I thought back on it now, and I think I got the majority of them right. How did you feel after completing it?

congrats kyle, tom and ric, way to serve the country.

[quote=“Penny Arcade Guy”]This is a good start to your police career:

Maybe you could just recite some wiggum quotes at the interview.[/quote]