Help with Koodoo phone

Can someone please give me some info regarding Koodo? My Dad purchased the cell in Ontario about a month before he passed away in 2011 and I brought it back with me. I was told by Citywest, I could not use it and recently(this morning) my fella spoke with the Source who also stated it could not be unlocked and that I would need to purchase an entirely new phone and contract. Is this true, this phone is basically brand new?

First, ask Koodoo, not Citywest or the guy in the Source about it.

Second, you can always tell when a salesperson is lying because their lips will be moving.

What is the phone and model #?

I would call sight and sound in Terrace they deal with KODO … Kodo uses the Telus network there should

be no problem… possibly may have to use a port ed number but that’s no problem

Although my take on your situation might be wrong, I would suggest:

  1. Your question may not actually be about the phone but more about any obligations your father’s estate may or may not have had in regards to the contract that he signed. (The contract was signed in Ontario…they may not have the same laws affecting your father’s estate as the laws in BC).
  2. The only good source for information on a Koodo phone and a Koodo contract is….Koodo. Not a sales agent here, in Terrace or anywhere. (Certainly not someone representing another provider). Koodo does have a toll free number.
  3. If, as I assumed, the issue might be outstanding contractual issues, a front-line sales person would not necessarily be able to help any way so ask to talk to a supervisor or manager.
  4. If the issue is solely about the phone: MIG’s advice about salespersons is a ‘gem of wisdom’ to be taken to heart.
  5. Koodo should be able to explain how their phone can be ‘legally’ unlocked -there will may possibly be a charge…a hefty one if the phone is still under contract.(But with recent changes in regulations I’m not sure.)
  6. If you decide to adopt Koodo as your provider, you might want to select a no-contract option to begin…until you feel comfortable with the service level they provide.
    Finally, you might want to consider what I’ve suggested with a grain of salt - considering that my success at understanding even the simplest of issues is very low.
    Good luck.

Thank you for all your info and advice and MIG is right as I had asked a different salesperson in the Source the same question a couple of days earlier and was told it could be unlocked for a fee, of course, and then I could opt for no-contract. The contract my Dad had was paid off and his account closed a couple of months after he died. I did that myself. I believe he was with Bell but am not sure, hard to remember now. It is a really nice phone, I would like to be able to use it so I will contact Koodo and go from there. If I can’t use it, well, I will keep it anyway. Sentimental sap that I am !

It is a Koodo LG KEYBO phone with QWERTY keyboard, camera, MP3., voice activated dialing and other things but I only want it for local calls, no bells and whistles, no texting ! I still have the number for dads phone so I will contact Koodo on Mon. Thank you everyone, much appreciated !!

This is the perfect time of the year for sappy sentimentality…go for it.
(Is there an imperfect time of the year?)
Take care.