HELP - Temporary Wheel Chair ramp needed

Sharing info for Wendy Nelson:

Hello Prince Rupert, Id like to share my story as to what happened with me in the past few months. I started getting sick mid October and woke up being paralyzed from the neck down. I got medivaced to VGH Vancouver October 27th. They did numerous tests on me and they came back negative. I got a unknown virus and it went to my spine and attacked my nerve muscles and shut them down.

And to this day it’s still unknown. They transferred me to GF Strong. It’s a rehabilitation Centre. I am recovering and it is a slow process as nerves grow back very slow. The doctors say I should be 100% in 6 months to a year.

My discharge date is set for Feb 27th. I’ve been away from home ( Rupert) family and my kids for so long. The reason I’m posting is I’m asking for input on if there are resources that can pay for a temporary ramp that’s needed outside my house. I’ll be in a wheel chair for awhile. I can now use my upper body but cannot walk.
The doctors may discharge me sooner. There is money to apply for and this is for people with long term disability. And it won’t cover me.

THANK YOU for your input.

(asking Landlord is pointless. Any other ideas, options, would be appreciated)

Sorry to hear about the predicament you’re in. I hope you’re doing well, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Just throwing out a suggestion, have you thought about using online crowdfunding such as Indiegogo?

She may have to go with local fundraising to assist her, but she was hoping that there might be other options. Even if fundraising ends up being the only option, then she is going to need quotes for one to be built, so that there can be a goal $ in mind. Any ideas of who would be qualified to construct such a ramp?

Should be fairly easy, and “inexpensive”, if its only going to be a temp thing.
That could go out the window if its not on the ground floor !!

If you can’t find anyone to build one there are several designs on line for portable wheelchair ramps that may work.