Help People Please

i click to go to my hotmail to check my email and it says JavaScript required to sign in… where can i get free java sript

Sun Microsystems does Java, so you may find what your looking for at

:laughing: java script will be under tools options in firefox its under web features

Assuming she is on the Firefox bandwagon. And I have had to download java plugins from sun to allow java in firefox/ie to work.

Java is not Javascript.

No, but I assume she needs a java plugin. Javascript is just that, a script. The plug may be able to interpret it.
I’m just throwing caution to the wind here.

Javascript and Java have nothing to do with each other.

Javascript is built in to Firefox (and pretty much all other browsers). No need for plug-ins.

It shouldn’t be, and should never have been called “java” script. Since it leads to confusion with Java. It should just be called webscript (or ECMAscript, the standard version).

explains it all.

But yeah, no plug-in necessary.