HELP! internet problems!

I just reformatted my computer and now my internet is not working… I am on my moms computer trying to find out how to fix this but I can’t seem to find anything.

when I try to get on ie it says: Internet Explorer can not open the search page.
and then res://c:\windows\system\SHDOCLC.DLL/dnserror.htm

if it helps I ran cmd and did ipconfig but all I get is Windows IP Configuration

then its just blank, it doesn’t even show any ip addresses anymore…  :confused: :confused:

Is your network card showing up in your devices?  You may need to download and install NIC drivers.

System properties / device manager and see if everything’s ok in there.

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in that command window type this  ipconfig /release  then type this ipconfig /renew

it shows my 1394 Net Adapter and I tried the release and renew but nothing still

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I find sometimes the DSL modems that you get from citytel stop functioning.  This sounds stupid, but sometimes turning your DSL modem off and on will re-set it.

YOU need to install the network card drivers now, i bet if you looked in the yellow question mark or exclamation mark you will see a few things that need to be installed.

Ok, that’s your problem.  the 1394 net adapter is your firewire port, not your ethernet.

So what kind of network card is it?  Do you know where to get the drivers for the ethernet card?

Download the driver on your mother’s computer and bring them over to your computer (using USB key or burn them on a CD, etc).

It’s not his DSL modem, because he’s on the internet on another computer – so it’s working just fine.

It’s his network card – Windows doesn’t see it. 

So find the network card drivers and install them.

What kind of computer is it?

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Right.  Damn.  Ignore my comment, I should have read the post closer…  MiG will get you up and running.

alright thanks it worked mig I had you and a friend guiding me through and it worked thanks again  :smiley:

So now that you have a fresh XP install, go grab the Zune theme:

'cause a black start menu will make your computer go faster.

Will my computer burn rubber?

Thanks I like this theme better

Your computer (or motherboard-CPU upgrade if you got that done) came with a motherboard driver CD. Find it and open the side of your tower. Tape it on the bottom so you never lose it.
Almost everything in the last couple years comes with onboard sound-video-NIC.
If you ever go to Vista, this is really important. You’ll get “local access only” until you have exactly the right driver for your NIC. Windows often guesses, and Windows Update’s whacked more drivers than I can count.

Kick ass Mig, just installed that on a machine, i was wondering where that came from, it looks very nice, clean,

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

awwww pffft.  I wanted to play too but I’d need SP2 first :frowning: