Help: Give your pennies to Prince George

If I was editor of the PG Citizen and there was an unsold spot, I’d plug in a fake ad for charitable donations to PG Public Works.
The first time I came here in the winter was in '82 and I thought "have these people never seen a snowplow?"
Well they need one bad. At least one. I know they exist, I’ve seen them at work in Fort St James. Hell I’ve seen more at work in the Fort in one day than I’ve seen working in PG in the 20 years I’ve lived up here.
Over a foot of mushy snow on Victoria and Central (the main drags), cars all over the place. Intersections are like crossing a hockey rink onto the worst washboarded logging road you’ve ever seen.
And a sand truck. I don’t even know if the people here know what those are.
After 4 days they plowed the gf’s side street. The main drag to the mall, where 200,000 people are Christmas shopping, no. But they got the side street.

LOL sound’s like fun. you should just buy a snow mobile :smiley:

I must have passed a dozen or more snowplows on my drive from GP to Westlock and back last night. We had a big dump of snow here in GP and my road wasn’t plowed for several days. When they did ‘plow’ it, the snow was just pushed into a huge pile down the center of the street. About a week later, they cleaned that up. I prefer roads to be snow-covered but not by more than 4 or 6 inches.