Help a local win a Toyota 4runner

A local guy in town has posted a video to the Toyota 4 runner contest.
It’s quite cute to watch and only 60seconds. Check it out. … e9a328f0f7
Vote for it and help a local win a new Toy for his growing family.

Voted and LOL  :smiley:

It was pretty cute I thought. The little guy when he drew the short straw actually thought they were going wheelin’ and that it was his turn to stay home, thus the totally depressed look. That’s honesty in acting.

Voted,  and will go back to vote…

Me too!  I’ll be voting every day - that was such a cute video - hopefully they win!

this guy lives in the rich side of town really does he need this lol look at his house he should have used a cheaper setting then maybe they’ll listen showing off his big house this is a funny vid

He has a nice place for sure and thus can’t afford a new Toy for the kids.

Just because someone lives on the rich side of town, doesn’t mean they can afford to get anything they want…

An individual’s or family’s wealth shouldn’t be judged by the home and neighbourhood they’re living in.

If you’re able to own a WWII-era 2 bedroom single-family house on a less affluent East Vancouver neighbourhood and can afford to drive a truck on a daily basis, then you must be filthy rich.

A similar lifestyle in Rupert doesn’t require a moderate-paying profession to maintain that.

that is not the rich part of town…that is by rainbow market…not rich side of town…graham avenue area is rich side of town

Who cares if they have money or not?  They made the video and entered the contest - whether or not they NEED the vehicle is not the point.  Do you go buy a coffee at Tim Horton’s when the roll up the rim promotion is on because you’re filthy rich but want something for free?  Who cares!

Rich?  maybe,  well off?  mostl likely,  think they got there by beiing lazy do nothings? 
This video proves they are proactive,  work hard,  are at the least a somewhat happy normal family,  Good for them, Keep at it guys.

Off to vote again…

I just checked. They’re in 3rd place right now. They need a top 10 finish in the first round then Toyota decides from those.

voting again  :smiley:

what do we get if we vote for you ?

people we should be making our own videos .

Except the date for entries needing to be received has passed.  You sure are pretty.

Bumpity bump bump

He’s got a lot of votes in the top 5 anyway.

My thought is ( and I voted several times) that if you take the time to do the video and enter the contest  . good luck to you.  You make your own luck I think and it should not matter where you live … I live on the same side of town but by no means are we rich !! Unless you count health ( I do!) and friends … :smile:

Well said!