am new to site, thought i would say hello to all

Hullo … don’t let’em push you around in here. The rest of 'em are bad, really bad.


^^ I’m not “bad” per se but I could be, given the right kind of incentive…


Oh and “Hello”.

Hello, 你好,Здравствулте! ,Ciao, こんにちは, and welcome to a fine place to visit and make new friends and enemy’s…(insert Evil Grin, with evil Laugh here)

Well hello Hindsfeet , welcome to the HTMF world according to well whoever . Sit back and enjoy .

Hiya, hiya, how ya’ doin’, huh, huh, huh?
Hi hindsfeet. Don’t teach a black lab to use your computer.

Welcome to HTMF. :smile:

Welcome to HTMF, HindsFeet :smiley: