Helicopter problem last night?

Last night around 11 pm the emergency Helicopter must have had mechanical problems, our family was awaken by a the house shaken and the noise of something passing by I got up and looked out the window a few sec latter a helicopter flew by as I watched I noticed it left a trail of smoke. I thought it was going to crash it was lower then usual, I watched as it passed the school grounds and made it’s landing at the hospital. I don’t think I heard it again after that. Anybody else experience or seen it.

The smoke is just from the thrust in the turbines + rotor downwash. It was a poor night weather-wise, I think someone got medivac’d into Rupert. The chopper left about an hour or two after it landed. Yeah, my house shook as well. But I’ve been a military-simulator junkie for a few years, so the rumble of helicopters is rather intriguing and a little adrenaline inducing. LOL