Helicopter crash

Does anyone know about the heli crash?  I heard a blip about it on CKNW news. (Vancouver news, we listen to it online).

Two people are dead after a helicopter carrying mining workers crashed about 150 kilometres northeast of Prince Rupert this morning.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria says it received a call around 8 a.m. from the BC Ambulance Service that a chartered helicopter had gone down near the former mining town of Alice Arm and overturned in the Kitsault River.

Apparently it is Prism Helicopters out of Terrace/Stewart, the Pilot and 3 passengers were killed. my sympathies to everyone involved.  Not starting off to be a good month, with the Gorman Goose crash on Van Island the other day and now this.

Very sad.

I’d like to know who the deceased are. Someone I know is in camp right now up in alice arm I think… :blush:

Hi BubbaSteve

No names were being released pending notification of next of kin apparently I thought it was a friend of mine who is a pilot, It wasnt but none the less very sad.  The helicopter was a charter from down south but worked out of Stewart. I hope it is not your friend.

I hope so too…
I suppose I’d be getting a call from one of their family if something had happened.

It was not her, she’s in a different camp now thankfully.

Glad it wasn’t your friend Bubba.

Someone else definitely lost a friend though.  Glad it wasn’t one of us but yet there are still people mourning this loss.

If I could give them a hug, I would.