I was cleaning out my message box thing and found this gem. 

subject: height
« Sent to: Lemrac on: October 02, 2004, 03:21:52 PM »
Hi there!

I too stopped growing early and hated it! A lot of my smaller friends outgrew me too!

Want to chat about height? It’s a subject I love chatting about!

If u want to chat, feel free to reply!

All the best!

Rob (age 44 GB)

PS How old r u and where are u from?

awww you’re so lucky!  I only get spam about the apparently small penis I don’t have!!

Don’t forget about an impotent one! Viagra, viagra, viagra!

The thing about this one was that it was in my htmf pm inbox.

i wont post anything to your inbox if you post it for all!!!
haha…thats really actually creepy…Height???

Heh-heh, that is weird. :smiley:

LOL too funny! Wierd getting it in your HTMF inbox haha. My favorite spam is “Stiffy in a jiffy”

My favorite spam that I’ve received told me I could use my penis as a pool cue.