Heeeeellp meeee!

okay my school has recently gotten rid of symantec and installed some new blocking program. problem is, i can not figure out which one it is. when u acess a restricted site a it goes to a pure white screen, giives the address and says it is restriced: ie
Forbidden, this page (homestarrunner.com/) is categorized as: Humor.

can any of u wonderfull people help me get around this? I cant even get on yahoo briefcase , so now there is no way for me to send info. home at all!

if u do not no how to get around, do any of u at least no what the program is?


In addition to getting rid of semantics, I think your school also got rid of grammar and spelling.

I find it funny how people take the time to respond to a message, only to dictate their spelling and grammar. I am wondering if it makes the person feel superior.

I dont think they’re dictating, they might be a bit didactic however.

But why? This is the internet, this is a forum, it shouldn’t matter. If you go around wanting everything prim and proper your entire life, you will never be happy.

if I was spelling something wrong or using a word incorrectly i’d like it to be pointed out… maybe thats just me though.

okay that is great and all that my spelling and grammar are not the best in the world, but can anyone actually help me out? i was, and still am typing this in the middle of a lab in class, if u can find a nice way to type, spell correctly, have perfect grammar, AND not get caught by the teacher in the middle of class, please tell me how, along with answering the original post.

jeez! this is the internet, i have enough problems in real life thank you very much.

If you die on the internet do you die in the real world?

if you’re concerned about dying on the internet do you even have a life in the real world?


hmm i would say to try aq google search and see what is turned up.