Hedgehog's for sale

:smiley: I have babie hedgehogs for sale, they were just born, not sure on how many as mommy hedgehog is nursing. I bread her with a male albino. I will be selling for $90.00 each. first come first serve. leave me an email if you are interested here is her webpage there are pics and video of her and spikehttp://www.ghostintheshell.ca/Fluffycam/index.html
:smiley: :smiley:

too cute

minus the hedgehog sex.

Nice avatar : O )

’ them little spiky things stink ?

I bet leaman likes the hedgehog porn.

Sonic The Hedgehog puts on wizards robe & hat

lol… no they dont stink… but u need to clean there cage often. and dont use cedar as the bedding i use a piece of rug or you can you a baby blanket. easy to clean. They also need lots of heat above 75, i guess that 27F.
use of cedar as beading is not good as the oil can give them lung problems. if they get cold they look like there drunk… they wouble back and fourth…lol :open_mouth: :smiley:

Is it true you can just stick them to a dartboard when you clean their cages? And they keep trying to hump your hairbrush?