Healthy Heart o'limp'ic venue for Prince Rupert

With all the hoopla over the upcoming Olympics, I find it just a bit ironic (to use a very mild term) that the Healthy Heart exercise program is being scrapped!
Last time I was in Zellers they nailed me for a buck for the Canadian Olympic athletes.
I gave it to them without thinking! But now I see that these small communities that were to benefit from the ‘games’ like poor old Rupert, get a outdoor gym! Handy here!
The exercise component of the Healthy Heart program is/was an important part of the classes. Now for the want of a place to put the machines, Northern Health has an excuse to cancel that part of the program and lay off an important membered of the Healthy Heart team. Maybe thats why we just saw the destruction of a perfectly sound building that could have been used for programs like this.
To the suits and ties/pant suits and blouses in Northern Health In Prince George or wherever you lurk, please try to find an O’limp’ic venue in the poor old
Rupert’s shabby castle for the machines so that people who NEED to keep at a steady exercise regimen can do so.
Failing that (the suits/pants suits may be too far away to hear us) perhaps the local City workers/RCMP/Firefighters might find it in their hearts to ‘donate’ their free passes
to the people that really need them.
I know that my suggestions are long shots because Northern Health is strapped for cash and a lot of managers offices need new furniture and managers have to travel to meetings every week or so, and the City passes to their henchmen are union benefits
to keep them in tip top shape and all, but… maybe?

Awesome CLOCKED OUT  :smiley:  Very well said indeed and sadly, so very true…BTW, Love the part regarding city workers and RCMP donating their free passes…LOL

:smiley: Very well spoken there Clocked Out, Good words for all the suiters and also the ones who are such a Payne. Is this not where this group we elected back when called A City Council supposed to go to bat for the people they were to represent for what three year or four…I never see them on the streets since they were out there shaking babies and kissing hands. Have they noticed any changes going on around town? I would really like to look at a balot sheet and try to see where did we screw up. I think the staff and program have suffered I kick in the teeth, thanks again to the Dog and Pony Games in Whistler. Does anyone know who from council will be attending them while some of us stay here get fat and die of a heart attack.

But what are you doing about it???

(sounds of crying)… I just hate myself, but i can’t stop (sounds of loud and unstoppable chewing) why is me… (sounds of more crying)

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.  :imp:

I was chewing on a chocolate bar when I typed that message (sounds of more crying because now my feelings are hurt; compounding my lethargic misery)

I’m sure you’ll recover.

Do you have a suggestion or two that you might care to offer?

No I don’t.  I am not the one whining about it.  Armchair activists annoy me.

Hi Expat.
I’m sitting here trying to think of a way to apologize for annoying you. Maybe something will come to me in a week or two.
Anyway, I have been very involved in the health system for many years fighting for proper care for a family member. I have been in contact with everyone from the hospital manager, nursing manager, and home care people voicing our concerns of inadequate care. Now even more is being taken away!
By the tone of your post I don’t think you have anyone in your family in any care or programs of Northern Health. (I could be wrong and I apologize for THAT right now)
I haven’t bothered to look up any of your past posts, but while I am musing for a way
to apologize for annoying you I think I will check out a few to see if any annoy me!
Have a nice day, and I will be apologizing later, or if I find anything annoying in your posts we can exchange apologies.
Again, have a nice day.

If possible please try to be tolerant of varying points of view.  This is the charm of HTMF, we have a free-wheeling open forum here where everyone has the opportunity to be heard.
Just my 2 cents worth.

hope i’m doing this right… from what i understand they need a place to put the equipment where people even in wheelchairs can get to it and then maybe there would be someone who could keep the classes going… so, does anybody, a person or a business have the place to put this as a donation to the people who need the program? like an empty store or something? someone should have some ideas…

  Welcome to HTMF  :smiley:  We have fun on here so enjoy!!!