Heads Up!


Heads up to what? What is your point in posting that poster?

Isn’t that MiG with hair in the bottom right?

Dude, not funny. How many of those guys may be innocent like the whole WMD mistake?

The WMD wasn’t a mistake. There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they just did a really really good job of hiding them!

Really? What evidence do you have to support that? However, my particular concern with your comment earlier about MiG was that ever since 911, racial profiling seems to be more blatant. There are likely many honest people who look like the figures posted in the pictures. I don’t think posting such pictures is all that helpful. It is likely that anyone wishing to do terrible deeds would wear at least a fake moustache, wouldn’t you agree?

Thinking more about your comments, I agree. The US did have WMD in Iraq. And yes, they did do a really really good job of hiding them from the US media.

Well, of course! The US has the RIGHT to have WMD! They’re the winners, and they need to protect the rest of the world.

Trolling! Trolling! Trolling!


Racial profiliing? I mean really, how many white guys are going to bomb shit?

(Insert Hitler, KKK, or Unibomber replies below).

Timothy McVeigh.

Chiefs of Staff. Crew of Enola Gay. the Luftwaffe. Arabs are amateurs.

and PROTECT US!!! are igloos can’t stand the WMD’s

[quote=“Eso”]Racial profiliing? I mean really, how many white guys are going to bomb shit?

(Insert Hitler, KKK, or Unibomber replies below).[/quote]

Not to forget the various Militia groups too.

Terry Nichols was convicted yesterday of 161 counts of murder and now faces the death penalty.

what’s wrong with profiling? I mean think about it, aren’t you suspicious of people seeking martyrdom so they can spend eternity with 7,000 virgins? Really wouldn’t just a handful of total sluts be way more entertaining?

Dude, I’m more suspicious of a person who would write the above comment, as it is vulgar and demeaning towards females.

Boo fuck.

what’s degrading? is there something shameful about being a slut? i ain’t ashamed… i ain’t even female…

Some say sluts are completely normal human beings that just enjoy sex more than usual. :unamused: