Having trouble installing kickers 4 ohms

im having trouble with 2, 12’ kickers 4 ohm i dont know how to install them with a DHD power cruiser 1000 watts amp can any body give me instructions on how to install them and was $ 200 dollars a good deal for 2, 12’ kickers?

What year are they? $200 is not a bad deal if they’re the newer style. Do you live in Prince Rupert? I may be able to help you install them sometime if you want.

Any more specs? Realllly hard to tell you what to do without knowing exactly what you’ve got. Could risk frying your amp if you install the subs wrong.

200$ kickers sound like there entry level sub’s THAT or they are stolen :smile: What way are you looking to install them 4ohm 2 ohm 8 ohm ?

can you give more detail on the model of them ?

i got some compvr
or cvr something like that and i live in florida, mulberry

It should say on the back of the subs (near the magnet) they exact model.

If they’re dual 4ohm subs and they were sold already in the box, they’re probably wired to a 4 ohm load and should be safe to run on any amplifier. Always double-check, though. If you’ve got a multimeter, check the resistance between the two wire terminals on the box… it should say somewhere around 4 ohms.

Is the amp you have a 2 channel amp?

yeah its a 2 channel amp what i dont get is that the kickers have 4 input or outputs where u connect the speaker wire does it matter where u connect them from?

Give us the model of the speaker. And how are you asking to connect them. 2ohm or 4ohm… Is the sub a 4ohm+4ohm or is it a 8ohm+8ohm ? Or even a 16ohm+16ohm.

What will your amp handle @ 2 channels driven ?

I’m going to assume either 4ohm+4ohm or 2ohm+2ohm given that they’re car stereo subs.

If they’re 2ohm+2ohm, then you’ve got a bit of a problem. Assuming your amp is a 2channel, I highly doubt it’s 2ohm stable when the channels are bridged. In this case, for wiring the subs:

Put a single wire (take a 12 gauge speaker wire and pull it in half so it’s just one wire wide) and run it from the - terminal on one set to the + terminal on the opposite set. This leaves one + and one - for wiring to the amp like normal. That way is running your voice coils in series so that the speaker is a 4ohm load for the amplifier afterwards. Do that for both subs, then run the subs in series (just like you did for the terminals, but this time with the subs). This will give you an 8 ohm load which is very safe for the amp but will cut the power in half. So you’ve got a 1000 watt amp, which is 500w RMS bridged, so each sub would get 250w RMS afterwards. Not bad, but probably not enough for CompVR 12s… I think they’re 400RMS a piece.

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here ya go…


here ya go…