Has to be something in the water!

Last night some showed bad things can happen here,  cars were set on fire down by the docks, a very nice boy was beat up and sent to emergency, a young man had his neck sliced it was a superficial wound and he only needed a few stitches, but still whats going on here, I am so concerned and saddened with what is happening to our youth.  Our children should have the right to go and enjoy themselves without so much violence, aren’t we just a small community now, so why is this all happening.

Because parents aren’t parents anymore. Because TV is used as a babysitter. Because parents are too busy getting drunk to take care of their children and teach them proper values and morals. it’s not a new thing, it’s always been like that in Rupert, maybe you weren’t here then. It’s also part of society, everything is more violent, and as a society we care more about inanimate objects, such as rumors about stores closing than we do about our youth, or humanity in general.

I don’t think it was something in the water. lol. It was Wednesday so I think it was something in the mail or bank.

Sounds like a typical day of late downtown.

Till the City Council are ready to address the things which are happening, the court begin to work at par with the RCMP who are in reality worked off their feet, we will not see any changes. The town does and I hate to say it again need street worker who can relate to some of these individuals. It is not a nine to five job when dealing with much of this crap. I fear that it will be dealt with by people taking these people on themselves and making and example of them soon enough.

Open your eyes. This stuff isn’t new. Things aren’t worse than before. This kind of crime has been going on around here forever. Some days it all stacks up, but Rupert hasn’t ever been some crime free utopia.

Apparently according to my computer geek friend violent crime is actually on the decline from 40 years ago.  We see it more, hear about it because of media and social networks but it is happening less.  Back in the highschool day of the 50’s everyone carried a switchblade, if not often used fists were and fights were common.  I also think crap like the no holds barred fighing on TV sucks, my partners daughter lets her kid watch that crap and then he goes around acting like a idiot for days…after that fight was on TV there were more fights.  I think the amount of violence shown in movies with parents not stopping young kids from watching is awful…they began to think its normal.  Teen girls seem to becoming more violent.  Welfare wed or as one of the recipients i know refers to it as Mardi Gras will always attract more trouble because everyone can afford booze and drugs.  Was this nice young boy who was hurt just walking innocently by?  It does not say or was he hanging out down there with others?  What was a nice innocent boy doing down by the docks anyway?  How come a nice young boy wasn’t home?  What docks?  Cars? plural were started on fire?  I would like to see the cops get out bicycles and start showing a presence but i guess citizens also need to be watching for this crap and calling it in.  I don’t think the suggestion of a street worker would work though i don’t know what might. 

It’s not what’s on TV. It’s parents not teaching their children that the things they see on TV, or the things that they play in video games, IS NOT REAL. I watched power rangers when I was a kid, and it didn’t make me want to go beat up my friends. Why? Because my parents taught me that behavior like that was innapropriate and wrong.

Parents aren’t like that anymore, they don’t take enough of a hand in their child’s education. It’s like there’s a bunch of kids, having more kids. Notice not all kids act like little retards? That’s because their parents are doing the job they’re supposed to do. I was NEVER sensored when I was a kid. Ever. I watched whatever I wanted on TV. And I’m not some violent person out on the streets beating people up, doing drugs and getting in trouble with the cops.

Make the parents be accountable for their children!!!

for those who believe it is a “superficial wound and a few stitches” It is infact 4.5 inch’s across his throat and a total of 10 stitches no matter what size it was it was near the jugular vein and the doctors said that if it were any millimeters deeper he would have bled out in 3 minutes and died indefinitely. How many T.V. shows show kids its okay to go and slice people with TWO hunting knives maybe people should listen to the full story before thinking it was a 14 year old just going at another child; these are adults not the “youth of today” and what would children have anything to do with this particular Wednesday?

Wow. Dieing indefinitely. That’s a serious wound.

“youth of today” and what would children have anything to do with this particular Wednesday?

The OP that I responded to didn’t say it was youth doing the crime. Wednesday is payday for social service recipients. There is ALWAYS an increase in drunken bouts for several days following this particular Wedneday every month.

  Most of the parents that I see walking around today should not be considered parents,they are in fact teenagers themselves. How do we expect these 15-18 year old to know how to behave?, they obviously have NO role models in there lives. The young couples I see and I mean young,have NO chance at life. I assume like there parents did to them by the time there kids are old enough to be alone say 8 years old the cycle will continue. Then there kids will have babies at the age of 14,disgusting is what it is. They are not adults,they lose out on education and a life beyond welfare. There is a lot of people in this town that have babies to get this social assistance.Thinking like this is what is wrong. To be 16 and pregnant in this town for some is like winning a lottery,why would they not want to do this?, it beats working for a living and contributing to society. Unless they think or were told squeezing another child out is contributing?. I try not to judge them as they walk down the street blabbing on cell phones,pushing a carriage with another kid in tow. While I work,my spouse works and countless others work they feel they do not have to. Maybe they don’t, but if there only job in life is to make babies the least they could do is show up for 40 hours a week.

Thanks logboom…i agree, the amount of baby carriages and young adults pushing them astounds me…and alot of them are not pushing cheapo strollers either and not wearing thriftstore hand me downs…i have to ask where they get the money.  If welfare pays that well along with the family allowance why do my kids work?  I know it might be 4th generation welfare but break the cycle, it isn’t like there aren’t lots of places to go to learn how to get a job.  I hate having worked my entire life to pay for others who enjoy beating the system.  I just heard on the radio that the First Nations are saying they should be exempt from HST cause most of them are below poverty.  Guess what, so was I, so are my struggling kids, the working poor and they have to pay.  Every person who uses anything from paved roads to healthcare should be paying taxes.  No matter what color or race you are…I am sick to death of the double system we allow in Canada.  I go to Mexico where there is no welfare and everyone has to pull their weight.  Your family takes care of you if you can’t or you work, even the small kids work and I don’t hear a lot of whining about it.  My friend has managed to put two of her daughters through Mexican University by working on the beach as a vendor but she works 16 hours a day.  Not saying we need that.  Our system is in place for a good reason but I think those who live on it owe something back.  I think a few hours community service maybe helping keep the community clean or something.  I had to stand in line at welfare one day with someone and heard the guy in front of me complain he couldn’t afford his gym membership on welfare.  He was on his cell phone to a friend. Sallyann food bank has people who just expect the hand-outs every month.  If you have a really good reason to be not working then you deserve a helping hand but otherwise no, make it tough.  I believe in the states if you go on welfare it is based on the kids you currently have so if you decide to have 3 more you don’t get anymore money for making another kid, i think that might make you think twice about not using birth control.  Give me a break, i want to retire someday and right now I can’t cause of the high taxes I have to pay to support so many lazy assed people who refuse to move to where the jobs are.  So what your family is here…I had to move away from mine to work, that’s life.  Get friggen birth control, its free at the health unit.  Take responsibility for your life, don’t expect a free ride on others backs.
Grow up! Quit blaming…your parents, the system, the schools, whoever…if you are over 15 you can pretty much think for yourself.  grrrrrrr guess today is my day for a good rant. 

I agree with alot of what you said, but it would be nice, for next time you have a rather large rant, that it be broken up into smaller paragraphs, so as to be easier to read.


point taken bubba…generally i can write in paragraphs but i was ranting…thanks.

I agree with all of your points .  RU aware that the lady who manages the food bank is doing so working with her own disabilities so can you imagine what it is like to listen to these poeple that come in, talk on their cell phones while they bitch and complain they aren’t getting enough and haul all the bags out to them while they sit there and watch her. i know this as she is a friend of mine and she is not supposed to be lifting much of anything.  It is bad that they feel they are supposed to receive this and every month, same people and their relatives as they have passed the word on to the family. It has to stop somewhere but the welfare system  seems to support this life style so what can be done now?

I totally agree as well.  Lots of jobs now are requiring mandatory drug tests.  So, if those people need to take a test to keep their job which of course has taxes taken off to pay for things like welfare.  Shouldn’t the people collecting welfare cheques also have to take a drug test.  Nothing pisses me off more than individuals collecting welfare that just don’t feel like working, or even worse the ones that live together and both of them collect.  When people are really down on their luck and can’t get by at all then they should collect welfare to help them get their life back in order…but definately not collecting because that’s the only way they know how to make a living.  I totally agree with the highways and medical comment.  Everybody that uses them should be paying taxes.  I thought everybody wanted to be equal. 

I refuse to submit to a drug test for any position. Not because I do drugs (I dont) but on principle.

Guess by standing on principle then and refusing to do a drug test you are limiting your options for employment.  That’s a good excuse unless of course you are already gainfully employed and paying your taxes.  I have worked in a few jobs where agreeing to drug testing has been mandatory, it’s not a big deal to me cause I don’t do drugs and they offered a paycheck.  I can’t eat principles. 

Here I thought this discussion was about the occurrences of Wednesday night…