Harris & Wick Goldsmiths

I was walking by their shop today and couldn’t help but notice it is another empty 3rd Avenue business.

does anyone know if they relocated or if they closed altogether?

My wife tells me they are moving to another location on 3rd avenue on the other side of McBride closer to Cow Bay.

they moved to the old shirts by the shore location.

Right.  Just past the JW church on 3rd.

the old computer store across from tim hortons has had a lot of work done on it anybody know whats going in there?

It’s going to be a restaurant, owned by the same family that has Herby’s.

Is that the one where they all wear green fast food shirts

I think they’re calling it Bamboo Shoots unless they’ve changed their minds.

I’m really liking this motivational poster thing, I know it’s soooo last year.

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Prince Rupert has a ton of restaurants already, though.
It would be nice if someone brought a more original business to town.

Well I am glad to see that they are just relocating and not closing.
My wedding ring was made by them & they do a fantastic job–it was great to have someone in town that did up a custom design and created an original piece for our special day.
They also have such great local art work too–glad to see they’re still going to be here!

Thanks for the info!

Does anyone know why they moved? I would think that they were in a better location before, maybe???

P.S. I see Judd has closed up the coffee shop by the doctors office on second.

the pipes kept bursting, that could have something to do with their moving.  just a guess

They keep moving East.  They started in the Highliner, moved to 3rd avenue, now the old Shirts by the shore store.  I always thought it was the West side that had all the money, I guess I’m wrong.

i heard from a realiable source that its going to be hooters…


so what’s vietnamese for hooters?

Nippo’s?  :smiley:

I heard they moved to the new location after too many floods from apartments upstairs and no help from the owners of the place to pay for damages. This new location should be great for them. Nice building with great potential!
Isn’t downtown starting to look like it’s seen better days ? Maybe Cowbay is the future of retail in Rupert?