Harper the billion dollar man

I would hope that everyone in Canada will remember the spending which has gone on with Harper and his henchmen. That Billion dollars would come in so well in such a situation .

Photos of St. John’s from the last few days:


and the aftermath:

colinpeddle.com/featured/hur … aftermath/

They have not been showing such photos on the news for some reason or I do not have the channels. I have been intouch with my cousins and the got away with flooding in their basement . Shit one billion would helpout a bit I am sure. Thanks Mig for those shots.

And lets not forget his disdain for Canadian Parliamentary democracy and the rule of majority.

“But Industry Minister Tony Clement has said plainly that his government will not respond to the motion if it passes the Commons.The Conservatives have steadfastly resisted calls by hundreds of Canadian organizations and governments to bring back the mandatory long form”

ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/1009 … s_scrubbed

Seems that the intent of this government is to ensure that all future government policy is based on guidance provided by the Christian Bible Thumpers than objective facts about their constituency and the views held by the people who pay taxes.

Or how about these encouraging words from Justice Minister Nicholson on a recent Supreme Court of Ontario decision…

“We will fight to ensure that the criminal law continues to address the significant harms that flow from prostitution to both communities and the prostitutes themselves, along with other vulnerable persons,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said in a statement.

ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/1009 … hallenge_1

Note in the article dealing with this subject the following;

The Christian Legal Fellowship, which was granted intervenor status, argued the provisions reflect society’s views that prostitution “offends the conscience of ordinary Canadians.” Take a look who is making pronouncements on what ordinary Canadians want…

religiousrightalert.ca/2010/ … ense-fund/

I guess now the Conservatives are hopeful that when they do away with the long form census that gives us objective insights into Canadian values … we’ll just have to accept statements from groups such at the Christian Legal Fellowship and make policy decisions on those “Facts”.

What also struck me as amusing is his concern for vulnerable persons in light of his position on protecting other vulnerable members of society. To quote his views on another social issue.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said on Tuesday he would ask the Supreme Court of Canada for permission to appeal last month’s British Columbia appeals court decision, which said addicts needed Vancouver’s Insite facility as a medical service. The previous Liberal government had granted Insite an exemption from federal drug laws, allowing it to operate on a medical trial basis since 2003. The facility, which permits addicts to inject their own illegal drugs under supervised conditions, has become the focus of a battle between the current federal Conservative government, which wants to close it, and local health officials, who say it saves lives.

“When it comes to combating drugs, we want to get people off drugs,” Nicholson told reporters, adding that the case would be argued on grounds of the division of powers between the federal and provincial governments. "

So despite the fact that health professionals are treating addiction as a disease and seeking ways to minimize the damage to vulnerable people… (Addicts) Mr. Nicholson thinks this should be a pissing match on federal / provincial powers as the best way to get people off drugs is to throw them all in jail that he and his cronies are intent on spending Billions of Dollars or to die from the disease that many are exposed to by unsafe injections. Earth to Nicholson… the US lost the “War on Drugs”; Why are you intent on using the same strategies that failed our neighbours.

Or how about this governments stance on smoking?

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada has frozen long-held plans to slap graphic new warning labels on packs of cigarettes, prompting critics to attack what they see as the tobacco industry’s excessive influence on the minority Conservative government.

ca.reuters.com/article/domesticN … dChannel=0

“The biggest tobacco problem in Canada today is contraband. So increasing a health warning on a product that already has a 50 percent health warning – and is also hidden from public view – is not a public health initiative,” Gagnon said.
The office of federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq did not respond to requests for comment."

Seems Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq agrees with Mr. Gagnon’s statement given the about face in a decades long push by the Canadian Government to reduce tobacoo addiction in Canada. I used to think the biggest tobacco problem in Canada was that it killed people but it appears tobacco profits are more important to the HarperCons than our lives.

Good Photo’s

[quote=“MiG”]Photos of St. John’s from the last few days:


and the aftermath:

colinpeddle.com/featured/hur … aftermath/[/quote]