Harper gags Ministers!

Remember how Stephen Harper use to always talk about freedom and democracy, and how terrible it was that the Liberals forced its members to fall into the party line or be removed from cabinet?

That’s when he was running and sucking people into voting for him.

Now, he has passed an edict that his ministers cannot speak to the media or send out any kind of communications without first running it by him. He has also reduced access to his government to the media. His reason is that he wants to get the government’s main points out to the public, not, oh, the ones the public is actually interested in.

Sound familiar? Let’s see, there was this little guy, looked like Charlie Chaplin but had a nastier demeanor . . .

Sounds very familiar.

Of course the Bush administration comes to mind. But closer to home, isn’t this what Ralph Klein’s government did last year?

Well, he and Ralph do come from the same province, the same town in fact.

Ahhh freedom and democracy

being “voted” into power, the government should have all open door discusions to the media and public. The govenrment should be allowed to make any discissions outside of the public, and there should be a law that put these criminals away for doing so. Thats just my take on this god awful system we call government.

I can’t find any info on this story. Can someone send post a link??






Sorry for the long urls, I was too lazy to visit tinyurl.com.

Here’s another link to a story about Harper’s PR guy being fired for disagreeing with Harper.

uofaweb.ualberta.ca/govrel/n … av01=22977

I can’t say that I am too thrilled about what I have read. I can see that Harper would want to stay the course and to keep focus on key issues but having to review what members of his party want to say publicly is troubling to me. I am staying positive, however, and if an election was held again today Harper would still get my vote. Let’s see what the next year brings.

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kamloopsthisweek.com/portals … 9244&more=

Ahh, its going to be a very open government really we swear. :unamused: