Happy ThanksGiving

I am thankful for this fine Turkey Dinner,  The Family whith whom I am sharing it, and the chance to share all this with you.  All the best.

Thanks Expat, that was very nice!  I enjoyed my turkey tonight.  Yum!

I’m eating traditional west coast native  food tonight! fish, seaweed; herring eggs and sea lion stew  tonight;  :smiley: yum yum

oh ya happy ThanksGiven :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Happy Pre Election Day

Fuck you guys :frowning: i dont get turkey or ham.

We had our turkey supper on Sat night, cooked over the barbeque while we lounged in the hot-tub of our beach-front cabin in Ucluelet. That way we had leftovers last night after we spent Sunday beachwalking with the kids and dogs. After more hot-tubbing of course.


Happy thanksgiving people. :smile:

Yes, Happy Turkey Day Everyone.

I’m thankful I’m alive.  :smiley:

Change your religion.

Happy Turkey Day - although we had homemade sushi for dinner last night.

I too am thankful to be alive. 

me too :smiley:

Happy ThanksGiving, HTMF! :smiley:

gobble gobble, gobble, gobble… :astonished:


My my that was goood.