Happy Easter


Have a Happy Easter, don’t over indulge on the chocolate bunnies and eggs now…

Hope the morning was less adventerous than it was for these guys and gals…



LOL aw Steve!


My 5 year old loves Easter…she had her egg hunt this morning…big fun. :smiley:


Is today the day the Easter bunny was resurrected?


Zombie bunny?


The Egg hunt is over here…  Get a hold of the cuteness!

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


Well I’ll risk eternal damnation here, with this version of the Bunny and Messiah story…

Not taking sides mind you… :astonished:


Once the kids got up Easter morning to discover Mom & Dad partied too hard and forgot to hide some eggs.
So I told them some redneck in Prince George caught the Easter Bunny in his leg-hold trap.

They didn’t even flinch. Just walked over to the closet and got them, they’d already scoped the place out…


Aww Princess, your girls are adoreable.

I love the Disney princess skipping rope, I want one.
is jelous

My easter is when all the chocolate goes on sale in the next few days. :smiley:


Good to see you let your kids out of the cage for Easter, Princess.


Yeah, we let them out once in awhile for a bit of exercise.  Don’t want hem to be too tender for Christmas dinner.

Thanks, I find them adorable too!  Unless you’re under 4’5" though, the skipping ropes won’t work for you.  ha ha.


I’ll buy two and glue them together  :laughing:


Happy Easter all and especially to my kids because I can’t be there to spend it with them.