Happy Canada Day!

The Big 140, get out there and celebrate… :sunglasses:



Catchy song. I’m not even the overly patriotic person, either! hehe.

Thanks for the link. :smile:

Oh, here’s another, for those as keen as I was:


I sit here in Budapest in my Sauna-for-a-flat with no shirt, no shorts, and my Tunica Dartos has never been more relaxed.  Basically, it’s ten kinds of hot over here, however, watching that clip sent shivers down my spine and I could feel the tears creeping around the back of my eyes.

Today, for the first time ever, I am homesick.

Canada is pretty A-Okay!

Yea. I know the feeling. :smile:

It’s all good, mate.

Happy Canada Day, HTMF!! :smiley:

happy Canada day too all, have a good day will be thinking of you all on my trip to the Khutzeymateen today

That was fun-not sure which harbour I’ll be watching fireworks over down here tonight but I know I’ll be in great company!  :smiley:

  Happy Canada Day Everyone and to our troops abroad, hold the thoughts close today that we are thinking of you and wish you all a safe trip HOME to friendly soil soon…Enjoy OUR day and get out and watch those fireworks tonite EH ? :smiley:

Yeah Happy Canada Day Yaul , but as for the troops  bring them home now because it will be getting nastier soon .

I’m gonna sit right down and drink beer til I pass out.

Free helicopter rides at the park! I should ‘borrow’ someone’s kid so I can go…
We’re throwing our 10th annual $5000 Fishing Derby this weekend too, I had to print up 100 extra tickets yesterday for last-minute entries. This should be interesting the salmon fly hatch is happenning, you can see the trout stick their lips out of the water and just inhale, wonder if anyone is catching anything?
BBQ & Rickard’s in a few hours, friends with jet-skis later and fireworks tonight.
Happy 140th all.
(even bought a flag to stick out the window)