Happy Birthday MiG

Hi Dude, hope you are having a wonderful day and that you treated yourself to something nice. Happy birthday!!

I agree Have a BEER have a good one Mig

I rocked a “happy birthday to you” song to guy in my class at the pub yesterday morning… the thing is, as long as someone starts it, the whole bar will join in singing.

It wasn’t his birthday or anything, but it was pretty funny.

Did something like that years ago. A few weeks after the start of the first Gulf War a large group of us were on a pub crawl type of thing with a grad class reunion. (not my reunion, I was just along for the ride)

The 3rd or 4th stop was Solly’s and the news was on covering the latest developments in the war. And upstairs where all the dart boards are there was a large Canadian flag. I picked it up and started waving it over the balcony and started to sing O’Canada half jokingly.

The bar was half full and amazingly most people stopped what they were doing and started to sing O’Canada too, right to the end. A few people even stood up to sing. Some even clapped at the end.

It was kind of a surreal moment and was a moving show of patriotism I’ll not forget. Was pretty cool…

Thanks guys! It was a great birthday!