Well since there isn’t really a halloween thread… I’ll make one

Any HTMFers dressing up? If so what

I’m working on my goth costume as we speak, well not technically since I’m typing but you know what i mean…

Yup, I’m going to decorate my cross as an airplane, ignore my  coworkers and overshoot my destination by about 2 and a half hours.

or maybe ill perform a miracle and safely land in a river.

I never thought I would ever say this Jesus, but that very creative!  :smiley:

Going as MIG.

I have a rubber pig mask on and I’m coughing while I hand out treats… :imp:
Would you believe we did our whole side of the 4plex and the bulk of the kids are only going to the one front unit. Too scared to walk up 3 decorated steps past the barfing jack-o-lantern and lit up graveyard that was our flowerbed?

Dumb thing is their parents are out there on the road. WTF’s wrong with them? Letting kids make a half-assed effort on Halloween. I used to tell them not to come home with less than a pillowcase cuz Dad’s charging 15% goodie tax for driving you! None of mine ever missed a door!

I can’t decide if it’s you or jesus that wins this thread.

Wheres my free PS2?

I second that…LMAO… this is a treat to have some shits and giggles here…