"hairless cats"

Does anyone know of anyone in or near Rupert with a devon or sphynx cat? Kittens would even be better. I want another cat but not the hair.

I know- -with all the cats needing rescue out there how can I even think of paying for an exotic? I would be more than happy to rescue a cat that has no hair or wouldn’t shed but they aren’t there.

Does anyone have experience with either of these breeds??

I had a Cornish Rex; it did not do well in Prince Rupert. In fact, it got too cold in the house and died before I realized that it was in a bad way. Please don’t get one unless you live in a warm house and don’t plan to ever let it out. I think a Sphinx would do even worse.

This has been here since sunday and nobody has made a hairy pussy joke?

This is not the HTMF I know.

Perhaps the subject should be hairless pussycats - that would have brought more attention. I don’t know of a Brazilian breed!!!

The cats are obviously not hairless. You have no idea the cost, time, effort and pain they go through to look that way…