Thank God you’re leaving. It’s about time. I applaud your choice of Andrew Hoshkiw as leader of the new HtH forum; maybe now some order will emerge.

ps MiG, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

Long live hoshq!!! I want stickers!!

So MiG, you finally accepted that offer from Steve Jobs to be part of the educational leadership team at Apple. I know you’ve been quite secretive about it but now I guess it will be announced shortly within industry circles.
I guess helping him out during that WOW game was a good thing to do.

Well I for one, welcome our new photoblogging overlord

I wasn’t around during the thick of hoshq’s decline, what happened?

Where you moving to miguel?

Yes, htmf is back!

Did I decline? Well, I guess I have lost a little weight…

It just seemed there is a lot of negative… comments, didn’t know if “shit went down”.

ohhh, april fools i get it good one! it worked on me ahah

haha yeah i was somewhat fooled i loaded up msn to see if mig was on to find out… but i remember at work today theres a seal on order for his jeep.