Hacking tutorials needed!

I am colecting some good BEGINNER hacking tutorials. If you have any links or files, pls feel free to post something usefull here.

Hacking howto’s, tutorials, FAQ’s (anything on the topic)


PS. (we hack to LEARN, we do not LEARN to hack)

Hacking what? The Mainframe?
FYI: Despite the name, this is a legitimate site, we don’t condone hacking.

Spoof, if you look around, do you see anything about hacking anywhere other than our name? It’s just a name, not a lifestyle.

Please checkout my hacking site http://tinyurl.com/8ty

bastard tinyurl…


Ask for the passwords. It’s that simple.

Hacking is for n00bs. Real men use hammers.

I use *.axe’s.

Jesus, Jesus