hey people anyoneknow how to trace msn ip’s? my cousin got hacked and i want to know where this person lives! ill give u my couisins email after if u know how to do it! they are tryting to get peple to vote HINT DONT VOTE

If people are stupid enough to fall for it… they deserve to get their accounts stolen. A friend of mine just got her account back, after she fell for a similar scheme. The person who stole it, gave her account back after he also stole the accounts of at least 10 others on her list.

Some people need to find a hobby other than sitting infront of the computer.

its kind of dumb i got mad at the hacker then they blocked me

What do they do? Get them to go to a page where they type their username and password or something like that?

yah and it looks like a msn page… ill send yah the link when i get it again one sec

i cant get it again i might post it later but ppl are idiots and dont look at the url… well anyways it taked u to a site and then it looks like an msn sign in and people sgn in and get hacked into!

Case in point. If people are dumb… dumb things happen.


Ya, but not everybody is a computer supergeek so you have to take it eas on the ones that aren’t so computer literate

Yeah, that’s for sure. For a while, I couldn’t figure out why there were people searching on google for “rupertpics.com” to find the site. Don’t they know they can just put the address in the address bar?

Well apparently not. Some people don’t even have an address bar on their browsers. I shit you not. I was at a certain teacher’s place a little while back, and used their computer, and couldn’t believe they didn’t have an address bar. They had no idea what I was talking about, and had never heard of one. They used IE in full-screen mode all the time, and never saw the addresses or URLs they were visiting.


They didn’t get your memo, eh?

That’s funny mig…

I too have seen this strange behaviour of missing address bars on peoples browsers. How do they function in the real world? Or the exact opposite and have everything they can stuffed at the top, all the buttons showing with text and three other tool bars and you can hardly see the web page since all the tool bars come halfway down the screen.

I have been tempted at times to setup a fake webpage, send people mail either spoofed or from my real address, saying hey neato pics here, click on this link just to see how many would do it. I guess I have my answer now…

You dont have to be really computer savvy, just savvy enough not to click on every single link that gets thrown at you.

There will always be people who will though, thats the problem.

Are you a real person? Because reading this makes my head hurt.


Are you a real person? Because reading this makes my head hurt.[/quote]

I think a better question for you, hoshq, to ask is: Are you a literate person Mariena? Many people are illiterate, but they are no less real than either you or I.

address bar? don’t you just type the name of what you want in msn.ca, click refresh when about:blank comes up, then type it again into CoolWebSearch and get where you want to go? There’s an easier way?

What bothers me is people who say ’ I’m computer illiterate’, no thats not true, Ive found that many that say that are just illiterate. Period.

Some yea, are computer neophytes but hey I once was too…way back in like 1984…but at least they can read…!! Some people simply cant read…I’m suprised at how far some people can get with their computers when they cant read half of whats on their screen.

bwahahahhahahaa…ok that made my spew my rye and coke… :smile:



bwahahahhahahaa…ok that made my spew my rye and coke… :smile:[/quote]

nominating rye and coke as official drink of computeroids.

Agree re: illiteracy. We’ve handed out over 6000 instruction sheets on how to set up your Outlook to the est. 2000 users over the life of our ISP, plus have a full online help and downloadable pdf’s. Over 70% of our help desk calls are "my POP3 server ‘Pop3’ (or ‘localhost’) did not respond. Over 90% of help desk calls begin ‘is there something wrong with your server’.
They can’t/won’t read.
Last nite’s news I watched a major report on security holes in the govt’s computers (tell the whole world, duh), and listened to an over 60 Tory respond that it was a shame. I wondered if he could even drag and drop…