I’m not sure of the true facts of this. A post circulating on FB saying that 1 case of H1N1 patient is up at our Prince Rupert Regional Hospital. Don’t wanna alarm anything, but just asking if anyone knows of this?

I have not heard anything about that. I think it is a good idea to get immunized. My family received flu shots. Flu shots are a good preventative measure in my opinion.

I spent a week off with the flu. Haven’t been so sick since I was like, 10 years old with the measles.
I never get sick… but it just dawned on me - those pension payments that started coming last month… they’re talkkng about ME when they describe who should get the flu shots.

Over 965 cases in AB that they know of with 5 dead. I wouldn’t be sweating about 1 suspected case. It’s the flu, people get it.

Maybe another H5N1 case would be something to talk about.

Certainly get immunized. February coming up very quick. Lotsa ppl will be travelling to PR for the coming Basketball tourney. Cannot be too safe. I’m saying that anything could happen when ppl travel. My spouse got sick right after the Tourney last year, as a few other ppl did.

My teenager caught H1N1 several years back. It was a frightening ordeal. I remember rushing her to Emergency at 3:00 AM and the ER Staff administering the antidote. Not something I plan on reliving. The flu shot is something we do each year.

Well I do know they had another “bug” in the hospital today. They cordoned off the seating area and one of the rooms for blood testing today because they saw ONE bedbug in the seating area. At least that’s what one of the nurses told me…

Bed bugs have become more and more prevalent in recent years.


Yes it is true we do have at least 1 case of H1N1 here in Rupert , a nurse confermed it last night .
so be carefull who you are around .