Gym Riot 2006

1st Blue Crew
2nd White Rice
3rd Black Ninjas
4th Red Blood

Banana Shuffle
Shin Cracker
Black Hole
Izzy Dizzy Race

Who won? 

Blue and then, after a recount, White.

Black was very annoyed.

White totally dominated the Call of Duty game as well :wink:  They were the only team that was coordinated and captured the flag consistently.  All the other teams were like “I pwn n00bs!”  But pwning n00bs and capturing flags are two completely different things.

I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.

Woah, there was a recount? Then white won!:open_mouth: Woww.
I thought it was weird that blue won

Someone please oh please teach these poor kids about the usefulness of a tripod.


I can’t believe I understood that sentence.

Horrible camera work… looks like a 2yr old kid was using the camera. I was getting sick just trying to watch it.
But i shure did love those Gym riots evry year a CHSS. Team White Rocks!! thats what team i was on evry year. GO WHITIES  GO! :smiley:

I was on white one year too… we threw cotton-balls, toilet paper, and Q-Tips at everyone. 

Hopefully no one at Charles Hays decides to take an occupation in directing films.

The last one I saw from students was a Jackass clone.  Not a very good one at that.