Gym Cost

Just wondering how much it cost for a pass or something at the gym. The one across from CIBC.

thanks if you can help:)

LOL you could always call there, or even better, go in and check it out. :unamused:

billy, is that you?

No, whoever this is, has better grammar and punctuation than billy.

No, sorry im not billy, unfortunantly im no bot. Why im wondering is because i was at home and wanted to know and i just felt like asking because i thaught somebody could have helped me.

I think a single adult pass is around $60 a month.  Family passes are cheaper per person if you have more than one family member going.

cheaper per month if you pay for the full year all at once

Or more than one Family…, … h_Columbia

hrmm i wonder if they get a discount for being minors on top of it?