Guy on the corner of Green Apple

What was that guy doing all day?

Sargeant Major?

Dunno, be he’s a cop…traffic cop…wonder what he was writing on that clipboard

Traffic enforcement is up! Road checks are going on now!

Please speed and unbuckle your seatbelts, because it makes our job easier.

There was a police officer parked facing northbound on Highway 16/Mcbride St just north of the intersection with Prince Rupert Boulevard all day. Also for our protection, I would imagine.

Meanwhile more boarded up windows on 3rd Avenue.  Way to go RCMP!  Remember, when you roll a stop sign, you’re supporting Bin Laden. 

If the RCMP decreased the number of cops looking after traffic and increased the number of cops dealing with random acts of vandalism, the majority of users here would be complaining that the speeders in town are driving rampant.

I’m not saying this personally about you Mig. I just think that people are incredibly hard to please unless they’re facing perfection.

And, aren’t you the proponent of “no rumours, only supportable/supported statements”? Unless one of the people who wrote above know exactly what our RCMP members were doing–this is all random rumouring.

How many traffic officers does the city have?  How many drug officers does the city have?

How many rolling stop sign tickets are given out by the police every year?  I’ve seen them do an undercover operation to catch people rolling stop signs.

No sympathy for the speeders at all, but the rolling stop sign tickets are simply a waste of very expensive police.  It’s not like they’re on patrol and happen to see someone roll a stop sign – they sit near front of the stop sign, hidden, waiting for someone to roll it. 

This is a waste of money, a waste of training, a waste of great cops.

Meanwhile, while they aren’t patrolling, windows are being smashed all over our historic district and cultural district.

I don’t think people have any problem with speeding tickets, or red light tickets, but really, if you think manning a toll booth is a good use of our understaffed and well paid police force, then we have to disagree. 

The local politicians that encourage this won’t be getting my vote.  I’ll be voting for the candidate that will clearly ask the RCMP to stop manning to toll booths and get down to some serious policing.

If the RCMP decreased the number of cops looking after traffic and increased the number of cops dealing with random acts of vandalism, the majority of users here would be complaining that the speeders in town are driving rampant.[/quote]

Unless you know exactly what the majority of users here would be thinking, this is random rumouring.

I don’t have a problem with rumours, this is Prince Rupert, after all.  I have a problem with  libel and slander.

But like I said, I’ve witnessed the RCMP place an “undercover” officer near a stop sign to catch all those criminals who didn’t stop for 5 seconds.  That’s a horrible and misguided waste.

Why do RCMP officers in Rupert write more tickets than in Terrace?  They have more people, more cars, and more stop signs in Terrace than we do.  Yet according to the numbers I could find, Prince Rupert RCMP writes about 25% more tickets than they do in Terrace, and that doesn’t account for the difference in population and number of vehicles.

I agree.  I was nailed when I came to a stop for 1-2 seconds ($140.00 fine).  The plainclothes officer who tagged me radioed ahead to a hidden squad car over the hill.  The officer who wrote the ticket over the hill did not see me stop for 1-2 seconds. :imp: 
So I now always do a mental count of 5 seconds at every stop sign. 

That’s exactly what I mean when I say “toll booth.”

You stopped at a stop sign.  The law and regulations say nothing about how long you’re supposed to stop – they just say you need to come to a full stop.

The toll booth attendant decided that 5 seconds was the appropriate amount of time, and charged you the shake-down rate. 

If you take that to court, you’ll win, but they’re betting that most people won’t bother.  There is no mention of a time limit on stop signs in any regulation or law.

It’s just absolute crap that they use plain clothes guys to man a toll booth all day.  Why don’t they use the same guys to sit on third avenue and make sure nobody breaks windows?

Mig is absolutely right on this one.  While our downtown business community is being destroyed, we have police officers sitting on the corner trying to catch grandma going through a red light to nail her to a cross. Rather than keeping the money that the City collects for running a red light, they should donate it to the businesses that have had to replace their windows repeatedly this year!

If this trend continues, business owners will have no choice but to leave plywood over the broken window due to the escalating costs of replacement.  Lets face the facts here people, many of these businesses are just barely staying afloat as it is. 

Furthermore, if Mayor Pond was better connected to his community by staying in it, maybe the message could be clearly delivered to the RCMP that we need to take action on more serious matters other than trying to catch someone running a red light…

Honestly, if someone runs a red light, they should get a ticket.  No problem with that.

If someone sits at a stop sign for 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds, they don’t deserve a ticket, because they didn’t break any law.  That’s the crap that the RCMP Toll Booth operators are using in their shakedown.

Your absolutly correct.  No mention of any time in the MVA.

I did get a kick out of MIGS comments about smashed windows in the cultural and historic districts.

Like is that Subway?..or the old KFC buildning areas?

Shit man I have lived here almost all my life and to hear “cultural and historic” areas in Prince Rupert?..I think first fort…Digby island camp.

Smashed windows happen com

Prince Rupert has historic district and cultural district?
What’s so historic about Rupert… is it cause it looks like a ghost town with all the empty stores. Or cause all of the buildings here are falling apart and look like shit.
And whats soooo Cultural about Rupert? Nothing at all… the only Cultural part is all the First Nations villages around here and you have to take a boat to go enjoy them cause this town does not believe in Bridges

a shakedown?  i love it!  that’s what the rcmp do, they shake people down, ask anybody in Houston, or Williams Lake!