Guy On bridge

Call it multitasking. I can be creative by producing a thread strictly for those who enjoy a little humour from time to time (re: “Him name is Doggie”) and can also speak my mind on serious issues very easily if I so desire. If there is a problem with the two personas, would it be easier if I just created a new ID? I have to wonder if ANYTHING I said in my previous post actually registered. Please dont take this as an attack, as I could be a little curious from time to time as well. :smile:

Yea, it was just odd because your all sensible and normal. Yet you post about your doggy missing in a flower pot.

I am sure we are all fairly sensible and normal. Some of us just get carried away on here :smile:

mEtHaD - not a problem.

However, I do have an OT questions for your though…

Does that thing you’re banging actually make noise… or are you hoping one day it does?

Oh goodie. I can’t wait to really let loose and show how I can get carried away too, mind you, in a soft underhanded and fun-loving way. :smile:

Umm yea that’s actually me in the avatar aren’t I hot.

You all make some excellent points smartass, methad, imagine, little rupert, et al. and this is a great forum, Honest discussion is good as long as it is not intended to be malicious or hurtfull, which these comments obviously are not. In communities like ours, these things affect us all, and we only want to try and make some sense of it, each in our way if this is even possible. If this can help prevent someone one else from making similar choices than who could object?

his wife didnt come she was on the phone with the police at the tim and may he rest in peace he was my parents sorta friend i met him like 5 years ago

I would like to say i knew this"guy". Probably one of the best spirited people in public i have ever seen. As for what he felt and was in private i dont know. i would lke to say sorry for your loss. you know who you are if you are reading this. I wish i had a way to contact you. but being in the middle of the ocean doesnt leave me many options. Its a huge surprize to me… I love you and and wish the best in better times to come… plese e-mail me if you get this msg.

strange signature

Its all about choices and respecting those choices one makes.
Its funny how no one really likes to talk about such negiative stuff that happens all around us everyday.
We all want to live in a happy cloud way up untill, one day the sky falls and hits us right on the head. And when that cloud hits us we are so unprepared for it.
Mean while, we are busy trying to find the easiest route to take on our life path we are also forgetting about other pathes ( other choices) as well.
Granted the choices one makes may not be the same as your choices, “the right way”, but we are all different and have to learn to respect and accept each other’s choices.
Accepting is also acknowledge those choices.

Thank-you… nicely said…
and my signature has nothing to do with it… it is from a book of feminist quotes… for all the girls who feel they need someone to be complete… which is wrong…

thanks again…

[quote=“Beautiful destruction”]for all the girls who feel they need someone to be complete… which is wrong…

Why is that wrong? Isn’t existence lonely without others? If so, are you complete without them?
What you must mean is that some people feel they need approval from others all the time. Needing approval and needing someone are two different things.
It’s true that you must feel comfortable with yourself first but true human beings cannot be complete if they don’t have relationships with others.

I was to lazy to read through all the responses to my original thread…
But are people complainin to me postin this?

If anyone is… Dont even bother comin to this site anymore…

And while your at it, dont bother reading the daily news, or the province…
It happend and we are expressin our opions…
Theres many other forums you can log in and talk about what ever you want to talk about… Which is probly nothing… I cant picture someone bitch!in about a thread that never has posted hes/her own opions… You just read and complain…

I say get it in the open…

As far as i know, he jumped cause he heard the cops sayin he wouldnt bring his x wife here unless he promiss not to hurt himself, so he jumped… I heard her had some rope with a wire at the end around his neck… and when he jump it ripped his head off… and someone had to find his head in the morning…
Thats what I gathered from this… So unless its cleared up, that what im going to believe… unless proven otherwise…

Im drunk, dont mind the spellin


I doubt this person means everyone should be alone and never be involved with any other human being… I only disagree when the female sticks it out in a relationship that does nothing but destroy her self esteem and is better off alone. I’m tired of seeing people pretending its a good relationship.

[quote=“Little Rupert”]Firstly, please ignore my avitar while reading my entry. When I initially saw this board and wanted to join, I had to think of a username and photo before registering. Since the little guy was on my desktop, “Little Rupert” was born.


First off, his name is not “Little Rupert”, it’s Stewart.

Secondly, he wasn’t born from your desktop, he was born form his mother who is a physicist.

Stewart’s mother keeps him locked away in a hexagonal room because of his strange appearance. Inside of the room is a toy chest, a tub half-filled with water and five blocks with which he plays with. Each day, Stewart’s mom performs experiments based on what has changed in his room since the last time she was there… this is because she’s a physicist.

Long story short, this how displacement of volume was discovered.