Guy gets a hammer to the head

A guy gets a hammer to the head across the street from Rain.  Many ERV arrive on the scene.  People running for cover.  Did anyone else see this tonight?

Well, I suppose a hidden hammer is better than a concealed weapon in Prince Rupert.  lol

gosh where was this?

hope no one was seriously injured…

It was directly across the street from that Laundromat on 2nd Avenue.  The guy didn’t move, so have no idea if the hammering was lethal or not.

oh my …

I was near such an attack in Vancouver’s West End on the August long weekend…

I really hope the victim will be okay

Our city is becoming very dangerous …

I heard the guy was a real hammerhead though.

Mister Hammerhead, meet Mister Hammer Happy.  lol

You know, I walk around alot at night. And I’m begining to wonder wether I should be or not. What is going on with this town, or is it society? People are becoming more and more violent.

Makes ya wanna hide in your house.

I don’t walk around at night alone in PR. 
I’m not sure if we’re having more violence.  Perhaps the level of violence is the same as in past years, but, we hear about it more via on-line news?
An interesting question.  Is PR a more violent place now?

I tell ya i wont let my 2 year old walk around down town by herself… not even when she is like 5…6…7…10…might like at 13 but not at night time…damn

I know I am asking for eccentric to come back at me for a discussion we had a month ago.  But if you hang with a certian crowd you might get hit with a hammer of into trouble,  If you walk with your head up,  and not act the part of the victim you will be left alone for the most pat.
Walk with your head up,  if you feel at all worried,  take out the cell and call some one to talk to, or just pretend.  Make eye contact with people.  All these things will keep you away from trouble for the most part.
The person looking worried, head down shoulders slouched, not aware of their surroundings,  thats who they will pick.

Also, waving to a lit window - as though you just saw someone you know.

Definitely the confident do not make easy targets. I had to walk, at night, in L.A. about 3 weeks before the 1992 riots - I was told “just act like you were born and raised in this neighbourhood - that you have a RIGHT to be here, and you will be fine”.