Guitars for Sale

American Strat Serial #N 76716721997 (Manufactured Corona, CA) Metallic Blue. Mint Condition - $1,250 obo
Ibanez - $800 worth of additional work/components $1,100 obo
MexiStrat - Manufactured in Mexico - Good neck, tricked out with all new components and Rio Pickups by one of SLC’s premier Guitar Techs $800 obo
BC Rich 1987 - $800

Serious enquiries only pls.

Those are a couple of sweet fenders you got there, if I didn’t have to pay $1000 back to taxes this year id buy one off you right now.

If you still have them in a month or 2 I may be interested .

Hey TS,

Thanks - The Fenders really are nice - Don’t be put off by the fact that the black Strat is a Mexi - The neck is straight and with the Rio pickups, it really screams.