Guitar stolen from Salvation Army

Somebody stole an expensive guitar sometime today (October 24th) from the Salvation Army Church .  If you hear of someone trying to sell or pawn a guitar, please call the Salvation Army church with the information.  Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the guitar.

phone number  624-6180 ext 21 or 23.

this Guitar belongs to the capt Gary at the church it was not taken from the thrift store, i was stolen from the salvation army Community church on grenville court

Man, hope the Salvation Army get their guitar back. Who ever stole this item from an organization that help the least fortunate ones must be pretty barbaric.

what if they were “less fortunate” then it clearly did help them :wink:

That is the lowest one can go, I know Captain Gary and I know that he loved this guitar very much. He does have much grace about him, much talent and compassion. There is shit that can only go so far and this is one of those. I plead with anyone with some kind of feeling to please return this to the good man and have a heart.

What sort of axe was it?

Captain Gary could give you all the info , year,color,make. Sorry I am not able to help you at this time Eso.

i am not capt gary but what i know it is an Electric Guitar brown and red. if want more info ask capt gary

6 string guitar. not sure of the model at all , it was expensive i know that ,even though he bought in smithers 2nd hand himself last year

Get off the phone you are not meeting the needs,repeating what was already said. Go read a book or something this is very frustrating seeing you no clue news.

This is heartless. 

Maybe you should get the Daily New on it, they could do an article and really get the word out to the community.

AHHHH… the importance of clear and open communication.
Some one stole from a church?  Hmmmm Fricken sacrilege…Thats the only place in the world some one should NEVER steal from.  Its a place of worship…higher being… people hole themselves up in churches to flee governments.  Poloce wont go into a church to execute warrants.  Because…like I said above…
This is an excellent example of where vigiliante justce plays a big role.

Religion is overrated. Most likely the person who stole this from the church needs the money pretty bad.  Nothing is sacred anymore.

Very sad…but…accurate and true.

Stealing is bad. Just cuz it was from a church group doesn’t make it worse.
And what if the person who stole it is using it to sing songs to poor retarded, paraplegic kids? :smile:

Someone stole my guitar years ago.  Im sure Ill run into it one day, and trace it back to the thief

anybody hear whether Capt’n Gary got his guitar back?

Once they’ve stole yer geetar, you ain’t the same no how.

na, whoever took iy probley has it hidden till the heats died down, then he/she will probley try sell it…either that or they took it for personal use… :neutral_face:
poor gary…like they say…“good guys finish last…”

No he has not gotten his Guitar back but he has an idea who has it or did 2 days ago. thanks for asking