Guilty guilty

I am not a wakko jakko fan but I feel bad for his choices in life. Elvis is now rolling in his grave.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The jury in the
Michael Jackson trial reached a verdict Monday in the child molestation and conspiracy case against the pop superstar.

Sheriff’s deputies and court officials said the verdict was to be read after attorneys and Jackson reached the courthouse. The singer was told earlier that he would have about an hour to arrive from his Neverland ranch.

The jury, which listened to 14 weeks of testimony and arguments, deliberated over seven days before sending word of a verdict at about 12:30 p.m.

The announcement came shortly after Judge Rodney S. Melville issued a statement saying that the jury asked and withdrew a question Monday morning. He also confirmed that on Friday the jury had a read-back of testimony and there were four meetings in chambers with attorneys. News organizations had filed motions seeking information on such developments.

Jackson, 46, is charged with molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor in 2003, plying him with wine and conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive to get them to rebut a damaging television documentary.

In the documentary, “Living With Michael Jackson,” Jackson held hands with the boy and told interviewer Martin Bashir that he let children into his bed but it was innocent and non-sexual.

Jackson, who climbed to fame with the Jackson 5 and dominated pop music in the 1980s with the powerhouse “Thriller” and other albums, was portrayed at trial as a pedophile who lured boys into his bed at his fairytale Neverland ranch. The defense called the accuser and his family con artists.

Jackson’s career began to lose its luster after 1993 allegations of child molestation that ended with a multimillion-dollar civil settlement paid to a boy, and his lifestyle, two marriages, and drastic changes in appearance became fodder for “Wacko Jacko” tabloid headlines.

So you feel bad for some rich molestor? What about his victims? I heard that he fed them cough syrup martinis while he up to his weird behaviour. He gets more pitty than his child victims! How dare you!!!

Actually, not guilt on all 10 counts.

Do you believe eveything you hear? Especially concerning some celebrity? I am definitely not defending MJ, I personally believe, with his creepy like behaviour and the way the potrays himself, that he is capable of doing what he is accussed of. When you have as much money as he does, it probably makes you crazy…and he probably was thinking with all the money he has that he could get away with anything…I blame the money. Evil paper.

He admitted he slept with boys, how much sicker does that get?

Like, I said. Creepy. I don’t want to use the proper description on here, because I think it would be rude. You know what I am thinking. If I ever saw the guy, I would scream bloody murder, and need therapy after from seeing his ugly deformed face…disgusting. Anyway…that is just my opinion.

I feel sorry for his victim and victims. We see that Jackson gets
treated like all other child molesters or most of them:Not Guilty the Good Lord
will pass sentence and he can pass it anytime. After watching this showboat trial on and off for the last while and seeing the final outcome was like watching a good Boxing Match and seeing the complete fight where the end result the judges saw a totally different fight. I thimk the Victims were handed the same kind of thing most sexually abused women recieve , there is no justice in USA and Canada when it comes to such a crime. My heart goes out to the victims Children and women.

If you can believe even a bit of what was posted in the media about this case, the kids have been victimized by MJ and thier own family. What a peice of work the parents are. That kind of thing drives me insane. If you think it’s horrible reading about it and hearing it on the news, try sitting in court and listening to a preschooler tell that kind of tale.


“michael jackson is guilty…trust me i know.” how many t-shirts do you think that would sell?

yea i think so lowly about the guy that if my french movie i got someone to scream for 5 minutes because he was watching a michael jackson bio.

Theres alot of things going around right now, people are tryin to get easy money. There was the finger in the chili at wendys, now the rat in the McD’s big mac, There are several others to.

I heard that one of the mothers had a history of scaming people.

I would like to see them all take a lie detector test

50 boys he slept with! :laughing:

no just 5

but 1 or a million… its the same damn thing

Is what someone holding a phone up to his ear? Can MJ not even hold his own phone? Maybe he will break a nail or something.

I really dont think its true, hes just weird.

I think that’s an umbrella… he has his people armed with them incase his nose falls off and he needs a quick cover.

you were there were you. you now this for a fact. were you too molested by MJ… dont get me wrong im no MJ supporter but there was too much info regarding this family trying to get money from other actors. MJ was stupid to let kids sleep in his bedroom. but he never slept in the bed with the kids, he still one goffy sum bitch, I dont think he will ever do it again.