Guess where this is (#7)

Here we go:

This place has cultural (and geographic) significance.


Nope. 19 questions left.


Heh. Nope. 18 left.

Is it in Canada?

Yup. 17 left.

Is it In Manitoba?

Ah you guys are too smart. Yup.

Is it by Winipeg?

Nope, look back and read the clues carefully. Also, Winnipeg is a city, that doesn’t look much like a city.

ok, I checked if it was the midpoint of the trans canada highway but I found out it was north of Sault-St Marie, Ont.

Geographical significance. Rules out Riel.


It’s not the geographical center of Canada.

Not the continental divide.

This will require a little more thinking.

No questions though!

Never thought of that, cool!

Is this site culturally significant because of a group of immigrants for example: Mennonites, Hutterites or Ukrainians?

What he said eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, tragically no. Culturally relevant to Canadians in general. Culture being the musical kind here.

Did some well-known musician or band practice in a farmhouse there?

I don’t know if anybody ever played at this spot or not, or practiced here.

13 questions left.

Is it the birthplace of a candian band or band member?

I don’t think so, no.

12 left.