Gta iv

Does anyone know if anywhere in town has it for sale?

I want to kill some prostitutes and shit, then go on a drug binge and murder some folks, and then be featured in an op-ed piece about how video games turn people into monsters.

it’s available on the PC correct?
if so I’m gonna buy that up fast!

The PC port isn’t out yet, and probably won’t be for a few months at least.

seek help right now!!! before you hurt someone in real life… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack Thompson would definitely get me.

San Andreas was an amazing game, the full install for me was only about 2 or 3 gB and it took me a good 2 to 3 weeks to finished the whole game, and even then my completion was only about 80% :frowning:

so I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that GTIV is gonna be even more amazing! :smile:

I’m actually bunked to hear that it has to be ported to the PC :frowning: I thought it would be released for the PC right away! :frowning: :unamused:

I don’t know of any console game that was ported to PC that was released right away.  If you want to kill some times until it comes out, I highly recommend Sins of a Solar Empire.


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I haven’t looked anywere in town for it. I pre-ordered it through Movie Gallery, and it wasn’t it today. How the hell can you not have GTA IV in before or on the release date.

hehehe just finished watching the news on (CTV I think) and they’re already talking of controversy! :smiley:

Be a business called “Movie” Gallery.

Picked up a copy for PS3 at EB today, might burn 360 copy. Any PS3 users here? My gamertag is orangetang on PS3.
^—How fitting.

I’ll probably wait a while before getting this, I was never much of a fan of the GTA series. This one, visually, looks much more impressive than it’s ugly brothers and sisters though, so it may be worth a try! This one actually shows you doing the deed with prostitutes in your car. <_<

Oh, and ewwww, CAD. =(

Anybody know the name of the song in the latest ad?

Michael Hunter - Soviet Connection (The Theme from Gran 02:52
Mobb Depp feat. Havoc & Prodigy from H.N.I.C. part2 Ses 02:53
The Rapture - No Sex for Ben 04:02
Munga - No Fraid A 03:36
Busta Rhymes - Where’s my Money 02:45
C.J. - I Want You 03:25
Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way 05:10
Bob Marley & The Wailers and Damian Marley - Stand up J 05:40
Seryoga - Liberty City: The Invasion 03:51
Greenskeepers - Vagabond 02:59
Electric Funk - On a Journey 05:34
Qadir - Nickname 02:19
David Axelrod - Holy Thursday 05:27
Nas - War is Necessary 02:28
Fela Kuti - Zombie 12:24
Global Communication - 5:23 05:23

one of those :smiley:

didn’t the franchise start on pc … console for the lose. btw amazing game lmao can’t wait for pc … even tho its months away.  PORT “EA SKATE” ALREADY!!!  boycott xbox.