MiG: what’s this group stuff? Give me the lowdown.

Oh geez, I know this is going to turn dirty. Especially considering how many hormonal young folks that pass by here.
(Its seems that people can not respond anonymously anymore, am I right?)

Shut the fuck up Prudence, by the amount of times you’ve posted some sort of bullshit about “hormonal young folks” or “people thinking dirty” I’m going to think that you’re the only one worried about it. (except for maybe that kayb moron, who feels the need to add a “lol” or something equally intelligent).

Groups is a way for the administrators to make sets of users with like permissions and abilities, say like, only the “Ninja Attack Squad” group can post in the “Secret Ninja Attack Squad Activity Planning Forum”.

Or the “Moderators” group can moderate the forums the group is assigned to. So like if today, you and I went and got all buckwild overmoderating stuff, MiG would have to change both our permissions to remove us as moderators - if we were part of a “Moderators” group, we could just get removed from the group, and be equally castrated.

I’ve kind of wondered why MiG hasnt made a moderators group, it would remove some of the extra stuff on the forum index page. Not a real big deal though.

holy frizzlefark Alpine, calm down. I was only joking around. Wasn’t trying to imply nothing. Since when have I talked about hormonal young people??
I was the one with the dirty mind relating groups to being dirty.
Geeesh! Since when am I really serious??? Sounds like you have the same problem I do, you assume too much. And why do you like attacking me so much?? What a waste of time.

Negativity SUCKS man, lighten up


Problem solved

Wait one freakin’ second, here. I want into the Secret Ninja Attack Squad group.

Prudence: Don’t get so offended, you stupid motherless fuck.

The ninjas are on CTBF.

We’re the Jupiter Mining Corporation here.

We’re going to have a secret handshake, and chant, with liberal use of the word “smeg-head”.

We’re also going to have a moderator-only forum, so we can talk about everybody else in private. Sort of like a quilting bee or Mahjong club.

no worries. You could have came outta my ass and still wouldn’t have been shit.

Shut your mouth, you ignorant smeg-head!

Has someone watched Red Dwarf recently.

Dude! We need Scutters!

dont they have vacuum cleaners who rock that style of motolocationing?

rooboos or voobus or something?

Alex gave me a copy of all the Red Dwarf episodes… All 8 seasons. Good stuff. If anybody would like a copy for archival purposes, it could be arranged.

Dude are you serious!? Drools That would be sooooo sweet.

9.58 gigs of Red Dwarf goodness, thanks to Alex. Available in USB 1.1, USB 2.0 or Firewire.