Groups weigh in on Prince Rupert port's "unfair" advantage

The US Government body that will be deciding if Prince Rupert enjoys an unfair advantage over west coast ports in America, has made available the public input it has received since the inquiry was first called in November.

The good news for Prince Rupert is that the majority of the submissions advise the Maritime Commission against imposing new fees on containers entering the US after being unloaded at Canadian Ports; a solution that is being espoused by American west coast ports such as Seattle and Tacoma.

Eh, what happened to Free Trade hey? “Level playing field” what a joke. Look at how bad they nailed us with the softwood lumber levy in spite of the NAFTA agreement. 5 Billion. I wished the US would just shut their mouths and do what they want to anyway - invade us.

They use enough of our hydro, water and trees now anyway.