Grey hound on the move

just heard Chances is now opening up the old holly wood Video, to another dam beer and wine store… just what this town needs, from what was said he is using the same licence from solly’s…plus they have given Grey hound the boot… Grey hound was given there notice to move out in Feb. they need more office space. rumor has it they are moving over the the highliner…
I would like to see this stopped as there is enough beer and wine stores in this town,any petitions out there yet…they are only hurting the kids thats it…

More beer and wine stores the better, less drinking and driving, lower prices… its just better this way.  If kids want to drink they are going to find a way to drink.  If they opened another mc d, doesnt mean im going to eat more mc d.  Just makes it more convienent.

I agree with you, if u start a petition I know i will sign it and We will keep a few where i work also.,

The boot? I highly doubt that.

Hey, how is that all the CB&W stores in Terrace price-match with the BCLS, but the ones in Rupert don’t?

Cause folks in Rupert are in too much of a hurry to grab their drinks to comparison shop :imp:

The west side could use another CB&W store.  Why should everyone on the east side get them all? 

Ha ha, good point, let’s keep this fair!

I think CB&W on every corner would be the way to go.  Not only is it fun to become more and more lazy, it is good to be drunk while doing it.  How American are we becoming???  The only thing that the CB&W’s in this town are missing are gun shops next door.  Then this place will really look like “The Ghetto” that the youth of today are making it out to be.  I guess it will keep the drunks out of the core as hopefully they will pass out and/or fall down before getting there. :imp:

hey Billy, my point about the kids was. it is them getting hurt as most or all the money the parents will be getting is going to that dam place, just another thing to see the small kids go hungry that is what I ment, I understand you fully about the older ones yes they will find away of getting there drinks, but it’s just not far to the little ones.
maybe with all these cold beer and wine stores opening up, you would think maybe putting out there money for some family fun like  a water slide or something like that, oh ya that means family time, something the kids just might like…

I agree with you fully about the kids.  Let’s take a page out of Kitimat’s book for once.  Have you seen their new pool?  Maybe something like that will keep the kids out of the water fountain by City Hall.  Of course, we could have another Fishing Derby and give all our money away!  Hopefully my sarcasm is understood in this post.  When I mentioned the youth of today, I was referring to the teens that feel they are above the law.  Don’t get me wrong again, I am not meaning ALL the teens.

I think I get your point, but to say Rupert has a CORE is a bit much!
Where is the CORE? We have a downtown the size of a pea! Talking way too big city here! But, just my idle thought.

Been doing it since the 1920’s, so…probably quite a bit.