Green Party gets 26%

…at my school.

There was a vote at my school (Caledonia in Terrace) just to see who they supported. It was roughly 40% liberal, 44% NDP, and 26% Green, give or take a few digits.

I must say I’m not surprised the high numbers for the green party, I bet 90% of those people just want weed legalized.

Any other teens have votes at their school?

oooh cutting commentary! way to be.

what is so wrong with voting for the greens so “weed is legalized”? (not even sure if thats part of the green party platform) if that is your prime concern that is not addressed by the other parties (the green party has its own economic platform too) then why not vote for them?

some people act like each party stands for one single issue, ooh,
like the economy? vote liberals! they’re the economists.
like the education and health system? vote ndp! they’re the educators and doctors!!
like weed and the environment? vote green party! they’re the weed smoking nature lovers.

each party has a well thought out platform (albeit with different methods and objectives), and maybe those students are interested in seeing what a relatively unknown and untested platform might do to improve our great country.

Those kids are idealistic rather than realistic.

I came very close to voting Green, but I was afraid of the possibility that if I did that, then the BCLiberals would beat the NDP by 1 vote.

I suppose this is also where the argument for STV comes in, although that already has it’s own thread.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the legislature when there will be MLA’s from the parties that people throw away their votes to (GRN, MP, ect) if STV is ever passed.