Green apple

what ever happened to the green apple, the add in the paper says opening soon!

Gordie’s problems with the city haven’t been resolved yet, but he hopes to be up and running again eventually.

I hear that the Green Apple will be opening in the store being renovated across from Timmy Ho’s.

Wow… if that’s true, it’s indeed good news.

I was told that it is an off shoot from Herbie’s that is going in there, smaller menu probably the Herbie girls are going to run it.Just what I heard last week from Viet. people.

Its actually a QUIZNO’S sub place my neighbour is opening it.

herbie’s daughter has bought this and it is going to be like the RAIN place… from what I was told… so its not all the great… at first I thought it was the green apple. but with that I have heard he has taken a job in a camp … so the camps are happy they have a great fish and chip maker. and we still have micky D’s …

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“Its actually a QUIZNO’S sub place my neighbour is opening it.”

Cool Quiznos is coming !!

It will give subway a run for it’s money

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You mean like above?

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Location, Location, Location, just down the road from the other sub shops…

Hmmm, how soon before their window gets trashed, maybe they should leave the boards up for good luck…

well they could go plexie glass.

I think its an awesome location

It will give both Timmy’s and Subway a run…

At least something in Rupert has competition if in fact this is going to be Quiznos…

I would eat Quiznos more often than Subway if their bread wasn’t so damn hard!

I hope it is Quiznos…

We dont need another Herbie’s or one done up like rain…

We have enough Herbies type places and 1 rain is enough

It’s not a Quizno’s.  Like Justin Case said earlier, the daughter of the owner of Herbie’s bought the building and is opening her own restaurant, “Bamboo Shoots”.  Small with a seating capacity of just 40. 

shit we dont need another herbies type place

Green Apple … Quiznos … Bamboo Shoots … Prince Rumour indeed. I’m glad we have this board to sort it out. :unamused:

ah it will probably turn out to be a coffee shop, we don’t seem to have enough of those around… :wink:

Metrotown does rule over rupert any day, next shopping stop metrotown!

I’m just surprised it’s not another beer and wine store…lol

Herbies is going to be moving in I say, this is not rumor it is for real, watch and then you will say Justin Case knows what is happening sometimes especially the streets.