Great Northern Salmon Classic

In an effort to keep this website up-to-date, I thought there should be a topic on this (if one has already been started, I wasn’t able to find it). What are your feelings about this event. Is it a good idea? Or a bad idea? Are you indifferent about it? Are you going to compete in it? 

Never heard of it, and want to know more? Check out

We set up a mandate to protect the Coho some ~4 years ago, just to be put to slaughter in a prize fish battle…

The Battle of all battles!

Fish vs. Man - Man vs. Machine - Machine vs. Your Mother

Intergallactic Fish Battle: It’s instupicuous!

Found this on the net today, seems some folks up Terrace way aren’t too keen on the big whackem derby. … 9360&more=

Must admit there is a bit of sense to their argument, as it wasn’t too long ago that both DFO and the environmentalist groups were calling for a complete slowdown on the fishing of coho, not sure how all of a sudden it’s open season.  Then again I’m far from removed from the fish loop these days, so what do I know eh!

Hmm, the Terrace Standard is doing a pretty good job of exciting everyone to the east of Prince Rupert about the Great Northern Fishing classic… … 9810550475

that’s rad…people bitching because Prince Rupert is trying to salvage an industry destroyed by somebody eles’s lack of competence.  To hell with Terrace, in my opinion, that town should be destroyed and they can start again.  That’s awesome that you guys are having that derby and it should help a little…the real argument should not be about rupert getting a fishing derby, but about BC Ferries destroying the tourism industry.  Leave it to Terrasites to bitch and complain about another town benifiting from something. 

We have a winner, then again maybe we don’t!

More controversy for the ole fishing derby… … 4911057325

I love the whole controversy… apparently the guy didn’t catch the fish from a canoe as he had stated - it was caught on a commercial boat, and the fish wasn’t even a coho! 

So many People questioned it…lol…Poor Hank The Tank…Next time there guy…lol…

I think this Northern Salmon Classic is a joke, more news on Hanks fish, Hank took the salmon home and smoked it, then after that brought it down and said something like this “this is how first nations do it” so the judges at the time excepted it…Also the judges are asking back the 1000.00 dollers. theres also  talk about joy thorpsen not sure on her spelling being involved with this too…

The final results.  The biggest prizes were won by people who caught their fish in the first three weeks.

Man, you gotta paddle hard in a canoe to troll for Coho :wink: