Great journalism in prince rupert

Yup, they have such a thing.

That’s what the “zero tolerance” thing is probably a reference to…

It’s always the few people that ruin it for everyone else. I can understand why they are doing this though.

If you want to have a party no one is stopping you. Either make sure to keep it under control and/or talk with your neighbors ahead of time to make sure that they aren’t going to call the cops if things get a little crazy.


When you let the neighbours know about your party, invite them over as well. 99% of the time, they won’t take you up on it and be enthralled about your gesture to include them.

Hey Goose, about that bylaw idea about banning noise after a certain hour?

I heard this from a cop (Halliday), who was shutting down Cai, Hakki, Joel, and myself jamming at the Fisherman’s Hall.

He said, and I quote, “Prince Rupert has a 24-hour noise pollution by-law.”

End quote. Bitches.

yep, the bylaw says that if you are pissing someone off, they can tell you to shut it. 24 h’s a d.

i can kind of see where people are coming from, i live in a pretty loud house, our neighbours on one side have an absolute blood lust towards getting us kicked out, not because of anything any of the people living here have done, but we have some incredibly stupid friends who seem to piss the neighbours off and then give them lip and cause the situation to go ballistic…it sucks because i dont even want 99% of the chumps here that show up when we do throw down, just a bunch of yea-yelling gyproc bustin slam dancers…


This is not the right way but, an american marine opened fire on a noisy crowd that was below his window. He had served in Iraq, but he shot a couple of warning shots.

God Bless America!

“I loves my gun… Loves my gun”

Well, as far as I am concerned they can sit on their guns and rotate. Dumbasses. I think there is something like 4 guns per every citizen of the US produced…how frickin’ retarded.

Actual fact that there is more guns (accounted for of course) per capita in Canada than the US of A.

I don’t know how it is in Rupert, but here if we get one complaint then we’ll go and talk to the homeowner. Depending on his willingness to cooperate, we’ll warn him and leave it up to him to get it under control. A lot of times we’ll be asked to get rid of the people that weren’t invited and are causing all the problems and everyone else stays.

Here at least, usually we’re only clearing a house and loading people in the van if the homeowner’s an asshole and not cooperating, if we’ve been there more than once in the night or if there’s numerous complaints.

Sounds like fun. Get lots of violent people?

I’d like to see this “zero-tolerance” thing in action. Big party at RQ tonight…are cops gonna “layeth the smackdown,” or is it too far away to be considered “noise pollution?”

Honestly, in any other town in B.C. where the houses are a reasonable distance apart you don’t get super bothersome parties on a constant basis like you do here. In Rupert, when one house parties, so do the 8 houses surrounding it. As long as the music is kept low, and no one is fighting in the street or smashing bottles everywhere it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone. I work shifts, I live pretty close to a big party house and I’ve never had a problem.

If you’ve ever been to a party sober you will understand why they get broken up. It always starts out good, then more people show up, more booze is drank, and before you know it people are out on the deck throwing their cans in other peoples lawns and urinating on their fences.

Then the police show up and everybody is angry at them, saying they’re ruining their fun…


ok man, were not that bad. dont hate us, pity us. hate the bastards that flock uninvited to our house because their lives are so devoid of meaning that they need get drunk every weekend of their natural lives.

This town also starts and ends later than most. Even in Terrace the bar starts to fill up at 10. One thing to curb it would be to allow the bars here to stay open until 4am, since no one goes until after midnight. So you get an hour and a half of booty shakin fun then it’s off to someone’s house to drink until 5 am or later-keep the bars open and the party people inside them.

I agree… 2am comes way to early. That’s usually when most people are just getting going… I think they should be open till at least 3am.