For reasons of national security, I require a digital copy of of the movie version of Grease.

I do not need to pirate or anything, just to borrow it.

Where can I find such a thing?

I only have a VHS copy.

If only I had a VCR.

I tried ordering Grease on dvd from East Wind once, they wanted like $100 bucks though, same thing happened with Quest for the Holy Grail. Hah, it would be just as much to BUY a VCR and borrow Kao’s tape.

Looks like an HTMF member has a copy they’re willing to lend me.

Also, I have the Holy Grail DVD at school.

Whilst playing playing CS: S today, I ran into a couple fellows with a tag in front of their names that looked similar to this: [myg0t]. They played really, really well.


Yeah, quite amazing.