Grain terminal Earlier?

My friend of mine said that the Grain Terminal ealier had black smoke coming out of the building and fire truck going out there. this was earlier today. 

Maybe they finally selected a new President and CEO, that’s how the Vatican replaces its leadership, though the smoke is white there.

There was a minor fire in the pellet mill… nothing major.  Employees weren’t even sent home.

I don’t know if I’d call it all that minor - granted, nothing blew up or anything, but it was definitely a roaring fire for almost an hour before it was put out. 

This is hilarious!

Well I’m going by what an employee said… I hope nothing was damaged that will knock production down for a while.

Hahahahha! +10

Thanks to the Fast response from our Fire Dept and all their hard work that day everything went well and too the PR Fire Dept we cant thank them enough :smile:
Now if PR had a Auxiliary FD or Volunteer Fire Dept their would have been a BIG BOOM!!a larger fire, longer response, half or little of man power and many more jobs lost.

Yes, thank you mr stinkyfeet for your quick response :smile:

  :sunglasses: :wink: