When was finishing Grade 7 a graduation?  Is there a diploma?

Kids graduate from Kindergarten, then from elementary school.  Then some spend their whole grade 12 year planning “The Big One”.  It’s madness.

It’s like the awards shows on TV:  Having too many of them lessens their value and we lose interest.

Grade 12 graduation should be a celebration, that’s for sure.  I don’t think it needs to be as lavish as it is nowadays.  Everyone wants their fairytale evening so that they will remember that night for the rest of their life.  But what about the things learned and the daily achievements?

But one graduation isn’t enough.  Elementary, middle and junior school students now have to do the same.  I can see these students having an evening with their families, friends and teachers to reflect back on their achievements and maybe present some performances.  But, like the middle school students here (I’m not in PR), having a formal dance with gowns and suits, if not tuxedos, is going a bit too far. 
What’s interesting here is that all this is organized by parents.  I can never understand why some parents want their children and teenagers to act like adults in trivial matters but don’t really teach them certain behaviours that, in my opinion, all adults should have like honesty, altruism, self-control, respect and hard work. 

I graduated from pre-school, in a lil ceremony where we wore paper caps, and moved the tassels from one side to another, then ate lotsa food.  I don’t remember my kindergarten graduation, but I’m sure there was one.  My grade 7 grad consisted of us having a big dinner in the gym, followed by some awards and some mostly embarassing stories for some of the students.  We walked into the gym to Chariots of Fire… it was all pretty cheesy, but the awards were cool.

I can’t believe how much some grade 12’s spend on their grad stuff.  I talked to quite a few grads this year, and most of the girls spent at LEAST $600 on their prom dress & shoes, casino night outfit, and whatever else they needed.  For some girls that included taking a trip to Vancouver, or PG just to find the right dress that some other girl wouldn’t be wearing.  I talked to a couple guys who bought brand new suits, ties, shirts and shoes for grad as well. 

Then there’s the dinner at the Crest on Prom night, all the alcohol and party fixins they desire for BOTH wekends, and some kids even rented a limo! 

Then you throw in the professional school pictures, any other pictures taken along the way, grad jewelery & presents, and your family sponsored dinner and/or lunch!  That’s just crazy spending compared to what some kids end up doing. 

Just imagine how much they will spend on their weddings  :unamused:

More or less it’s just to help the movement into Highschool, our School (Lax Kxeen) has a special Day for Grade sevens, and they highschools have tours and such.

I guess it’s just to show the grade sevens how important it is to get that far in school and to try for the Next four to Five years to graduate with the Grade Twelves. If it were just fun I guess it would be too, but then they’d have one for all the grades. To make a technical note my teacher calls it the ‘Grade Seven Celebration’ but our Hoodies say Grad so I Dunno.

-Toxic Sushi

Toxic Sushi, for only being in grade seven, you write a heck of a lot better than some people twice your age on this board.  Good job.

I was just thinking the same.

I used to go to King Ed. Hellz yeah.

Ms. Murphy. Had her 3 times as a teacher…

make sure you have passing grades by the time it comes to walking up in grade 12. I didnt and i did not walk. Although i still graduated, I still missed out on the walkin up. Its a bummer and i talked to cronk about it a number of times before the walk up he said there was nothing he could do and that i was most likely going to fail and even wanted me to sign up for classes for the folowing year. Though the teachers and cronk did do lots for me in helping me grad i still feel bummed out i got myself in that situation where i did not walk.

I have her this Year!

Thanks for the compliments, Mucho Gracias

i graduated from kindergarten, but there wasnt really a ceremony for elementary, and the middle school ceremony was really lame. My bro just graduated high school and he had a party. It wasnt much of a party tho cuz he doesnt have any friends